Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oil and Semen

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure we will ride to the rescue of our thankless ancestral homes, but I'm not so sure we who remain will escape the war. (AR-15, anyone?) They're trying their hardest to determine where our limits are (Imams on a plane!)and will continue to demand special privelege. Our government's inertia in dealing with illegals gaining access, insisting on multi-lingual publications, etc gives me little hope that we will be proactive in curbing the enthusiasms of the islamists. With the juggernaut of Clintonista federal judges expected to remain benched for the next decade, how could one expect anything but a proferred hand asking to be bitten?
While the Islamic States of America is, agreed, beyond fiction I don't think they will spend their fury solely on Europe. My Marine is teaching me how to shoot.

Jack H said...

There is a reason the enemy did not strike at us before the election. I have an inkling that they will not be striking at us in a major way. Look what happens when they do. We are made of sterner stuff than the Spaniards. If they do not hit us, they may win. Its the way you boil a frog -- heat the water up slowly, and the frog doesn't know it in hot water.

So they know to hit europe hard, and to hit Iraq constantly. But they may know to leave us alone, so that the courts and the other collaboraters will do their work for them.

My son is a soldier too. He can teach me to shoot, as well.

Semper Fi.