Monday, May 1, 2006

"Please, sir - can we have some more?"

A day without illegal immigrants. Ah, if only. There was one segment of the economy that did not benefit from this action. Social services. The emergency rooms were just as over-crowded. The social security office was just as busy. The welfare checks flowed just as freely. The police were as busy as ever. The social workers had just as heavy a case load. The parole officers worked just as hard. Only the classrooms were not over-full, for once. The students who were in class - the serious ones, the ones there to learn rather than just be warehoused, kept off the streets - were able to benefit from sufficient attention from the teacher.

So. Please, Nativo ("Nativo" - does that mean "native"?), would you please organize this again? As soon as possible? But this time so that it's really a day without illegals? No social benefits at all? Please? Would you? Because that is exactly what most of us want. By "us," I mean citizens. Patriots who love this country, rather than who just want to exploit it like a pimp exploits a whore. Tax payers. Not just leeches - scabs who undercut the wages for entry-level jobs - ingrates who flee their own poverty-ridden country and then want to turn ours into the same third world basket case - hypocrites who publicly celebrate their "race" while calling "racist" those who support the law. Please, Nativo, let's do this every day. You have your race parades every day - we'll dedicate as many streets as you need for it, and just re-route traffic - we'll accommodate this ... if you just don't exploit the rest of the infrastructure that we built and that you just want to use.

Deal? Three-hundred sixty-five days without illegals. Deal? Please?


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