Monday, May 1, 2006

May day! May day!

A gigantic army of FIRE ANTS has invaded the streets - they're crawling over everything! God! The horror! Devouring everything in their path! So hungry, so voracious! Such inhuman greed! The noise is deafening - can barely think ... OH GOD NO!!! Africanized honey bees! ATTACKING! Swarming everywhere - destroying everything they see! Wait - they seem to be working TOGETHER!!! OH GOD!!! A sort of intelligence, primordial, vicious, appears to be guiding them - what have we done to deserve this fate? Attacking ... why, they're attacking only specific things! How can this be? The colors red white and blue - seem to drive them into a frenzy of hatred! And ... how can it be?!? they've somehow learned to generate a distorted sort of human music! - why ... oh my .... NOOOOOOO!!!! It's the National ANTHEM!!! I feel ... so sick - some poison is filling the air - some noxious sulfurous gas - I can't .... GREAT SCOT!!! A huge crevasse has opened up in the middle of the street! No! NO!!! Locusts!! and giant FROGS!!! some sort of toads - monstrous slimy ... pouring out from the fiery depths of HELL!!! What - what's that - I can hardly make it out through the flames and smoke ... OH SWEET JESUS NOOOOOO!!!




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