Thursday, May 25, 2006


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ELAshley said...

Perhaps Revanche also explains the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Especially in light of Israels apparent lack of desire to defend what's hers.

"Who does not protect what is dear, does not deserve to possess it."

As to your conclusions... Since when, throughout all of history, have borders ever been settled upon permanent lines?

Today's America, as much as I love her, as much as I defend her in my speech, and as much as I appreciate the service of those who defend her more substantively, only deserves what she has if she is willing to fight to keep it. I see a dwindling number of Americans who fit that description.

"Who does not protect what is dear, does not deserve to possess it..."

...Which, perhaps, is the most salient point of your post.

Jack H said...

It's all over the place, the attitude that what was once owned, is always owned. The Russians are a prime example. If the Tsar ever controlled a land, it is forevermore under the claim of Russia. It was Hitler's excuse. The Moslems think, still, somehow, that Spain is theirs - and they may turn out to be right. Of all these, Mexico has the weakest and must ridiculous claim. But none of them bases their claim on logic or law. It's the jealous boyfriend syndrom - she used to be mine, so she'll be mine forever. Yikes.