Friday, May 12, 2006

Setting You Straight

No, you’re disengaged. And I will not apologize for not following the OJ trial. Sorry, I won’t. And don’t you go taking that “sorry” – the one I just said – as an apology. First, it’s just a figure of speech, so don’t try to pull that old trick … and second, if you’ll let me speak, even if it were an apology, it wouldn’t be for not getting all wrapped up in some media spectacle over a cheap double murderer. Clear? And the same goes for Robert Blake. I had some feeling about that, because he reminds me of my father, but I didn’t follow it. And Michael Jackson – of course I have opinions. The little boy toucher. But I did not run away to join the circus. So just stop nagging me, okay?

No, you’re the one who’s over-sensitive.

No, you’re the one who’s defensive. Anyway, my point, if you’ll stop interrupting and finally let me make it – you know, you’re kind of hard to be around, sometimes – is this Mousaoui thing. za mous. Turns out, the reason his was not a capital offense (did you know that planning the deaths of tens of thousands and allowing the deaths of thousands is not a capital offense?) is that he had a sad childhood. It seems he grew up without “structure and emotional and financial support.” It seems he had an “unstable early childhood and dysfunctional family.” It seems his father had a “violent temper” and he had a “hostile relationship with his mother.” I guess he needed a Michael Jackson in his young life. So the jury put his family on one side of the scale, and the deaths of some thousands of innocents on the other, and the outcome was that his was not a capital crime.

Charles Krauthammer is always intelligent, but he’s not one of those always-right guys. He agrees with the jury, but for different reasons. It’s not about a bad childhood, duh (my father was like Robert Blake – did I mention?) but rather that za mous is nuts. Delusional nuts. Well, my opinion will be largely uninformed in this specific. I did not follow the trial. If he truly was delusional, like with seeing things that weren’t there, or hearing voices, like the President of Iran, then the jury was right. But I don’t believe such a thing was demonstrated during the trial. I don’t suppose you’d have to stay glued to the TV to have heard that, and I didn’t. Didn’t read it.

So how is he nuts? Because he believes weird things? This is called “religion,” which is very much like other weird things such as “atheism” or “agnosticism”. If the fact that his religion is Islamism is at the root of this “delusion,” then no Islamist can ever merit the death penalty. That hardly seems, um, sane.

And by the way, I think you might want to think about being a little less obnoxious, sometimes. You make it kind of hard to talk with you, you know?

No, you’re delusional.

Sometimes I think I’m the only normal person there is.



JRstriker said...

Have Courage. You are facing drive-by lefties who spray insults and run away to avoid consequences of their behavior. When they find that they missed you, they sometimes come back for another shot. Their accusations tell you more about what they are doing, as they believe that everyone does "it". Of course, you must do as they do, and they are just pointing it out.
If anyone dares agree with you, as I do, they just found another target to destroy. Many who do agree will not join in the fight, because they will become targets, and who wants to put themselves in harms way when it can be avoided.
Their MO is to isolate and destroy. Blogging format often caters to this MO, as a lone blogger has a piece of turf that as put at stake, and can be attacked at will. The blogger is put on the defensive, and the seige is on.
As I stand on your porch, I hear the squeal of tires and the sound of a fast approaching car...

Jack H said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts. A fair bit of what I do is satire, which Lefties seem to think it is their own special bulwark - the FOOLS! Thus, the tone of this piece. Of course it's petty. That's (one of) the point(s).