Sunday, July 23, 2006

Subtle Differences

True, his face is obscured, but this is incidental. You will notice there is no provision made for masks. No hiding of identity. This young man is in uniform. Clearly marked. A declared combatant. Honorable. You will notice that he is aiming. Aiming. You may be assured that what he is aiming at is a legitimate target. If there were school children or pregnant women involved, they would be behind this American soldier, not in his sights.

Contemplate the differences:

(Isn't it odd, that in "modern" Islam even the men wear burquas?)

Guy K posted this brilliant allegory:

The one on the right is my son.




GUYK said...

Thanks for the link Jack. I reckon the one thing that distinguishes we in the western world from those in the mideast and orient is that we value life much more than they do.

This morning on MSNNC on the Imus show one of his regular guests was rating about the Palestinians and the other Islamic radicals. He allowed they all had at least eight kids so they raised two to be suicide bombers..they would still have six left. Farfetched? maybe but there also may be some truth to it.

Jack H said...

Yeah, that's sorta my idea, as I said in "Lightbulb." Children as a commodity. Childern as sin offerings. Children as fodder to Molech.