Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Great Mystery

I found this in my email:

Thank you for your recent Blog Carnival submission. Here is a receipt for the article you submitted via the Blog Carnival submission form.

Carnival ¤ carnival of humor
Next scheduled ¤ Jan 4, 2007
Host blog ¤ bobbarama's humor carnival
Article to submit
Permalink URL ¤
Title ¤ The Funniest Story
Article Blog
Blog URL ¤
Name ¤ Bloated Monster
Additional information
Submitter name ¤ Jack H.
Submitter e-mail ¤ sargon1234 at
Remarks ¤ Thanks!

I didn't submit anything. Did I? I don't recall doing so. Sometimes things just happen though, that I seem to have done. Sometimes I get blamed for the weirdest things. No, I don't want to talk about it.

It's a good choice, though. I really do like The Funniest Story. I just love Grace. So if I did happen to have submitted this, somehow, well it's nice to see that one of my other personalities has a good sense of humor.

Speaking of which, here's something that makes me laugh. Sometimes I just sit giggling to myself over it:


Understand, I don't think Abbott and Costello are all that funny. Sort of hack, actually. But I heard a routine that just busts me up:


It's not really a joke, so much as a situation. And you have to get the Costello character -- not that it's subtle:


What I object to is Costello's inconsistancy. Sometimes he's the naif, sometimes in on the joke, sometimes tough, sometimes the baby-clown:


And they used the same material as Burns and Allen:


So. Somebody says to Costello, "Have you ever ridden a jackass?"


"Better get onto yourself then."

And Costello thinks that's ever so witty, so he's going to use it.

"Hey Abbott, have you ever ridden a jackass?"

"No, Costello, I never did."

"Then hop on my back."

I'm laughing about it now. It cannot be that funny. But I love it.


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