Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Night of the Long Knives

Greetings, fellow Democrats.

It seems likely that Virginia goes to the Democrat -- and as Virginia goes, so goes the Senate.

Unless there are recounts which there will be. And there are absentee ballots. Yeah, they'll save us.


I'm moving to Yemen.

It's not a huge problem, except for the judges -- more imaginative and willful judges, making their own opinions into law. If it were conservatives who did this, it would still be odious. Separation of powers and all that. And that other problem, of Iraq. I just don't want lost lives to be wasted lives. Cut and run -- a slogan, but a plan -- was the implicit promise, and the majority of voters have opted for it.

And the islamists are rejoicing. The American people have given aid and comfort to the enemy. In '74, it was about Nixon. "Our" betrayal of South Vietnam was a not-necessarily foreseen event. I mean, the war protests were over. The war was over. And won. South Vietnam was preserved, as South Korea had been. That was the aim. But the Dems did what they did -- undermined, undercut, defunded, betrayed. [expletive deleted] This time around, with the precedent already set, we had every reason to expect the same sort of action. When it does happen, there will be no excuse. The soul of America will be gravely damaged. It's only two strikes. So there is still hope. But we're that much closer to Canada. And Mexico.

Yes, the islamists won the election.

No eloquence, here. No souring prose and reference to the great American spirit. The American spirit must be tired. Or damaged. Or asleep. These things happen. No need to despair. Higher or lower taxes are no big deal. Vast government entitlements aren't necessarily ruinous. But the majority has chosen to step back from the battle, while the enemy advances. It's called retreat. I call it betrayal.

No, I'm not depressed. Really, not at all. It's just a setback, and these things work in cycles -- it's just the swinging of a pendulum. And a jab in the eyes of complacent fatcat Republicans is surely a good thing. If they learn from it. Integrity is nice in politicians. It would have been nice in voters.

I do have a son in the military, you see. I'd like his cause not to be betrayed. That's all.


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