Saturday, May 26, 2007


Allow me to summarize: Cuba provides top-drawer health care to bigwig Commie apparatchiks, and to epaulet-bedecked generalissimos, and to slumming foreigners with lots of dirty coveted foreign capitalist pig dollars. If you are a groveling peon, however ... not so much. In that sad case, you will have to turn to the black market for your Excedrin and your Maalox. "According to a report in the Canadian National Post: 'Hospitals are falling apart, surgeons lack basic supplies and must reuse latex gloves. Patients must buy their sutures on the black market and provide bed sheets and food for extended hospital stays.'" Well, who needs clean bedsheets? Just keep flipping the mattress. If there is a mattress.

I'm suffering no small degree of cognitive dissonance. How could the People's Paradise be in any manner flawed? THAT'S INSANE!!! Castro is like God. Yet the yanqui imperialist propaganda machine proclaims to its unsuspecting masses that since its 1959 revolution, Cuba "went from third in per capita food consumption in Latin America to near the bottom.... There are fewer cars (true of no other country in the hemisphere), and development of electrical power has trailed every other Latin American country except Haiti." Oh. Well, um, electricity is decadent. Haiti has much about it to be emulated.

We see the true genius and humanity of the Cuban system when we look at its infant mortality rate: lowest in Latin America. Proof positive. What are you going to trust? Your own twisted capitalist senses, or the Official Statistics of the People's Republic of Castro? So what if Cuba also had the lowest infant death rate before the revolution? So what if the gap has been narrowing ever since? So what if Cuba's astronomically high abortion rate is not figured into infant deaths? -- fetuses, after all, are not infants. So what if preemptive abortion is used as a means of ensuring low infant mortality stats? So what? So what that Cuba has the highest suicide rate of any Latin American country. That has nothing to do with infant mortality. A total non sequitur. You're very irrational. You seem to think these data have some significance. You are a moron, and need to be reeducated. I know of a camp -- a semi-tropical archipelago of camps suited to just your need. They have excellent health care facilities -- hydrotherapy of the slow drip variety, very salubrious for intransigent cases like yours.

All this trustworthy news about the excellence of Castro and his brilliant governance is very wonderful and convincing. Perhaps, however, you feel the need to be irascibly cynical, to doubt these many favorable-sounding Cuban government-provided statistics? Your delusion might be partially excusable, given such lies as the following: "The way public health works in Cuba was nicely illustrated by the case of Dr. Desi Mendoza Rivero, who complained of an outbreak of dengue fever that the regime preferred to ignore in the late 1990s, and was jailed for his trouble." Dr. Desi? Hahaha!! Luuuuceee, I'm hooooome! Point and match!

It's madness. Just madness. How could michael moore be wrong? He's like God.


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