Friday, July 4, 2008

Freedom Men

I heard Bill Bennett this morning. He played a clip of Ronald Reagan. In the early '80s there were boat people. Fleeing the carnage and oppression of Indochina. The USS Midway was sailing those waters, and spied in the distance a rickety craft overfilled as it would be with refugees, desperate and on their hopeless voyage to, of all places, faraway America. What were they thinking?

As we approached the small craft, one of those little foreigners stood up and cried out to us: "Hello, American sailors! Hello, freedom men!"

Such a thing. It would have been most of the English he knew. Such a man. A better man than I am. He risked so much more, hoping for the freedom I was born into.

We are freedom men, not because we have freedom, but because we share it.


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A nice short post.