Sunday, July 6, 2008

Colons, Semi

So, to summarize, Obama:
  • flipped on public financing of campaigns;
  • flopped on NAFTA;
  • flapped on telecom immunity for post-Sept. 11 wiretaps;
  • flepped on disowning his pastor along with his own white grandmother and/or black community;
  • flupped on the Constitutionality or its absence of gun-ownership bans;
  • flouped on the bitterness of Fly-Over religionists;
  • flaiped on the substitutional patriotism of flagpin wearing;
  • floyaped on welfare reform;
  • flieped on total opposition to the death penalty;
  • floweped on unconditional talks with Iranian holyman the Ayatollah Ahmadinejad;
  • flueped on being wedded to his unrefined reassessment of his Iraq retreat; and
  • floiped on the Jews and their divided Jewrusalem.
We are disturbed or pleased to note, however, that he has as yet neither flighped on his firm stance regarding Gay Marriage, nor fleauped on his dearly held convictions about Abortion. Perhaps we have located his core. Time, and tide, will tell.


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