Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Place To Sit

This is what they mean about pictures.


The sad thing is, without the little blurb I wouldn't have gotten the point.

You just know that of all the people there that you cannot see, and of those many who would be standing, they'd be standing only because there's no place to sit.

It isn't even because it's the American flag. Devotion is beautiful. Loyalty to what is respectable is one of the few things that gives us cause for hope.

This is what makes us believe that the spirit must be immortal. It rises above the flesh.



defendusa said...

I got chills. At our HS football games, I make it a point to chase down the kids who refuse to remove their hats during the National Anthem.

Jack H said...

Somebody has to be the parent. Better us than the schools, given the condom situation.