Monday, September 17, 2007

Creeping Vichyism

I thought, Has this war really changed us? Are we, oh, say, imperialist? Then I thought, What about Vietnam? Maybe that’s what changed us. If we’re changed. Then I thought, Human nature doesn’t change, but the character of a nation can. Then, This war is different. Then, No it isn't.

We’re fighting Hitler, if he won. The Nazis are everywhere. Mostly Moslems, but oh so many collaborators. Not Nazi, mind you, these sympathizers. Far too liberal for that. Just looking to get by. Just being understanding. Broad and open minded. Collaborators. This Nazi empire isn’t focused in Europe, yet. More to the east, so far. But Vichy is the theme of the day. De rigueur.

Isn’t it strange. Here we were for all these years, thinking that Hitler lost. He lost the war -- the Second World War that is. But he won the Moslems, those of the present World War. No, not all Germans were the enemy. Not all Italians. And now, not all Moslems. Not all. Not entirely all. But. There is you see a direct, a direct line of descent, from Hitler’s propagandists of the ’30s and ’40s to the islamists of today. The ancient undercurrent of Moslem Jew-hatred -- we can hardly say anti-Semitism in this context -- is now the morning and evening tide of Islam.

What else is Nazism, if not Jew-hatred as the animating force of a society? Are we to imagine it was some system of monetary policies? Hitler, the Subtle Economist? Nothing unique in the socialism of National Socialism. Are we to suppose that the Nazi glorification of the Aryans is any different than the Soviet glorification of the Slavs? -- or for that matter, the Reconquistadores’ glorification of La Raza? National racism is as old as nations. What, then? Militaristic expansionism? Please. No. Jew hatred.

So, Hitler has not won, quite yet. The Persians have not yet built the nuke that would win the mutual Aryan/Iranian goal, of an Israel-free map. The Mediterranean is to have an extra, slightly radioactive gulf on its eastern coast? It will be an exotic fishing spot, in years to come. Many new species of amphibians will appear, no doubt. A good thing. Hitler was a nature-lover, right? He would be pleased.

My point is not that the islamofascists are Islamic fascists. My point is that in the next generation, when the native European population has been replaced by a more southerly-complected race, Hitler’s highest aim will have been achieved. No, not racially. I said his highest aim. Jew-hatred, as we know from where he put his resources, even in his most desperate hours. Kill, kill, kill the Jews. And when that changing of the guard is come to pass -- when the torch has been passed, from north to south, from Hyperborea to Dilmun -- the material effect will have been the same as if Hitler had won. Rachel, weeping for her children.

The Austrians voted Hitler in -- even if the plebiscite was corrupt, there was no civil unrest whatsoever over the issue. The Assemblée Nationale handed power over to Marshal Petain, the French Quisling who instantly ceded all real power to the Nazis. And so on. The First World War destroyed the manhood of Europe. What was left of moral authority? -- after the insanity in the blood-drenched trenches and killing fields of Verdun (quarter million dead, half million wounded) and the Somme (three hundred thousand and more dead, a million and more wounded)? A slaughter of youth brought about by the elders of Europe more heinous by orders of magnitude than anything Herod could conceive.

From brutalism, then, to cowardice. In fifteen or twenty years, the body of Europe shifted from jingoism to appeasement, from Chauvinism to … what? Chamberlainism? The legacy is to acquiesce to any demand that can’t be put off, and hope the cost will be borne by -- well, honestly, by America. From grim old men pleased to slaughter youth, to eternal adolescents shirking responsibilities and taking the grownup's car for a joy ride. So. Europe is a eunuch. Islam is a rapist. The world is a coward and a profiteer. Where is manliness?

Here it is. America. America, standing now as once did Britain, Great Britain, facing the monster across the water.

Hello, old enemy. Do you remember me? I am America. I didn’t recognize you at first. You’ve changed your religion it seems. Your eyes have grown darker in the passing years. But I know you now. Your accent is different, but I know you by your actions. You’ve forgotten who I am. Smiling America, of the open face, open hands, open heart. Slow to anger, and merciful in victory -- but unrelenting, eventually. For a hundred years I have stood shoulder to shoulder with every nation that loves justice and liberty. Perhaps I have grown careless, though. Inattentive in my vigil. And now you come, the striking serpent at my heel. I thought I crushed your head some time ago. The monster has more than one head, it seems. Alright. In just a very short time, now, I will have come to myself. I will shake off the idleness of dreams. I will remember who I am, and what I am for. Just strike me once more, or twice. That will bring me fully awake. Then I will give you my full attention. Just one more time, or two.



GUYK said...

"Just strike me once more, or twice. That will bring me fully awake. Then I will give you my full attention. Just one more time, or two."

I used to think so but now I wonder if there are enough Americans who care.

Anonymous said...

Where is the monster? We aren't sure. Seemingly everywhere. We've invited him in, and continue to do so--the poisonous ideology disguised as religion, enjoying the protection we give religion.

Jack, you mentioned Fallaci in a previous post. I believe as she did, that there has been a conspiracy of sorts, to unleash this monster intentionally on the world. Filthy oil money, power and our own "Strausburg Resolution" I think. We're so emeshed with the enemy that I'm not so sure America can wake up, we've long since been declawed and our children brainwashed, dumbed-down and pacified.
I am a new Christian, and I'm sorry that I'm struggling with feelings of hatred since 9/11. How can I not hate this enemy?

Jack H said...

G -- It's only Christians who think they should turn the other cheek. And most Christians get the idea, about standing up to evil to protect their families. You punch an ACLU pansy in the kisser, and he may not hit you back, but he'll find a way to punish you. Even the lefties were mad after 9/11. Give us another one, and they'll come all the way over, many of them. Of course I'm no prophet. But that's why we have hope. It's as good as certainty, until the very last second.

A -- We're all monsters, on the inside. There's no Turing Test for true humanity. It's just what we do, that people have to worry about. That's why we have the FBI and the CIA and all these wonderfully efficient agencies. We just need to tap more phones. It's the closest we can come to mindreading. Yes, I know. faint hope. But tomorrow is not promised.

There is no we. It's only me, and you, and other people. I am responsible for my children. The schools don't even teach them to read. They didn't teach one of my foster kids. I did. My point is that this is no cause for distress. It's always been that way. I think of it as the One Third Solution. Part of everyone is just scum. Part is noble. Part shifts with the wind. The point of this post is not prophecy, and it is not truth. Such personifications are true only if we act as if they are true.

I know I"m a fool. An utter fool. I will continue to be one. I don't mind being mocked, much. Somebody has to say these things, this nonsense about nobility and self-sacrifice, so I will. It opens me up to ridicule. I don't like that, but I can't feel like a coward.

As for hatred, you feel it because you're taking it personally. It isn't personal. They'll kill anyone. Their rantings and bouncings in the streets? Let them. It's amusing. Their shoe bombs and hairgel bombs? We stop them when we can. Their murders? We could weep for storms and floods too. Thunder doesn't frighten me. I only rage against God when He allows those I love to be harmed. All the rest of it is just the way the world is.

God hates, too. How else can we explain Hell? Because God takes care of ultimate justice, we are relieved of so much of the emotional burden. A lot of what I write here sounds like hatred. It isn't. Only rarely, and only when it's very personal. The point is that we do not need emotion to do what is right. Kill the enemy, yes, when he needs killing. Love them too. No contradiction. It's like God and Hell. Justice can send even someone God loves to Hell.


The Monster said...

Learning about the links between Nazis and Islamists prompted me to produce a this to make the point.

Anyone who wants can feel free to use that graphic.

The Monster said...

"a this"? You'd think I didn't preview it.

MuscleDaddy said...

"Just one more time..."

Damn, Jack - maybe 2-3 times a year, I can write like that.

Good piece.

- MuscleDaddy

Jack H said...

All I need is a kind word once in a while, and I just turn to jelly. So I bumped up something I wasn't planning to, as a thank-you-kindly.

Come muore un italiano.

I can have no confidence that anyone will ever see these things once the daily surfing is done, and I figure if they move me, they can touch other people as well.