Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Good poemes of Me and Gutiamo!

Here is my poem that I wrote about how bad Bush is. Here it is.

Oh Bush, u are so bad
And U look like a chimp..
And u stoled the election
and U are like a pimp.

With you're blood for oil
and Hallibardton too
and Chaney is evil
and so are u 2.

That is the poem that I wrote that is about Bush and how bad he is.

And I read about the detanees in Guantanimo. Where they are torchered. And the innosent Muslem victim's of American there write poems too. And here is one too.

America sucks, America chills,
While d'blood of d'Muslims is forever getting spilled ...
American justice, American pigs,
American soldiers, American wigs.
Yes I'm feeling angry, yes I'm feeling pissed,
An' it's about time that the JIF got dissed

Its not as good as my good poem, but it is a good poem too. And here is another good poem from the torcure victems of American at "Guitmo."

I have observed the youths of Mohammed
What splendid, righteous young men they are!

Bush, beware.
The world recognizes an arrogant liar!

That is so good! I like the exclamation piont.! So here is another poem of mine!

I did watch the kids of Islam!
They are such grandeloquant, sanctimonious guys!

Look out? Tough guy!
The Cosmoes observes a hauty disembler!

And isnt that such a good poem?! I will send it to reader's Digest or the New York Book Review c\lub!



Jack H said...

I'd forgotten that I wrote this as an Amazon review for the Gitmo poem book. But there it is, posted. Lord but I am sarcastic. Funny thing is, so far my review actually did get a "helpful" star. And only three other people hated it. Oh, what will happen? Will the ratio change? Up, or down? Let's follow it, eh?


Bartleby said...

Is this supposed to be funny? It's not.

is this supposed to be anti-Guantanamo? It's unconvincing.

is this supposed to be pro-Guantanamo? That position is untenable.

Is there some fourth purpose for which this poetry was intended to succeed?

Jack H said...

It is supposed to be funny, but not haha funny. It's meant to be sad. It's a metapoem. Like Satan, it is self-creating.

But the poet must always expect incomprehension.

Will C. said...

"is this supposed to be pro-Guantanamo? That position is untenable"

Untenable? Didn't several of the founding fathers use Guantanamo.

Ah, I forget, we're "enlightened" now...