Friday, September 21, 2007

MTI: the Religion of EMs

Terrorism equals dead innocent people. That’s its definition and its highest aim. Kill children, or get them killed by hiding among them and killing from them. Sure, causing general mayhem is really good, but it’s a distant second. Demolishing sacred statues in Bactria, burning down the forests of Judah -- it is all of a piece. It’s damage, and that’s a good thing to terrorists ... poisoning wells, turning milk sour -- causing withered arms and impotence and working all manner of mischief ... all well and good. But there is a difference between bother or even hardship, and terror. The name “terrorist” must be self-selected. It’s not just an unusually apt description. Terror is the goal.

It's not We will reason with you until you are convinced. Rather, We will kill you until you comply. Consider terror as a purely emotional phenomenon. Irrational and immobile. Frozen in fear or running in blind panic. Is there any greater passion? No conscious state is more out-of-control. Even in the moments of sexual release one might remain cogent. As anger becomes rage, as grief becomes despair, so fear becomes terror. The name is no mere tool of marketing. It is not an insult. It's a perfectly accurate description.

They don’t really care about the after-effect. Poli-sci classes teach that terrorist acts are undertaken to influence policy. In theory, yes. But Yasser Arafat rejected the deal where he would have gotten virtually everything he publicly claimed he wanted. Sorta puts the lie to the theory. No, it’s not about policy, and it's not about funerals or making somebody scrub up blood. It’s about the act itself. That crystalline moment of catastrophe -- blood and thunderous noise. It’s like sex. Not the foreplay before, not the exhaustion after -- the moment. How utterly animalistic. How anti-human. How adolescent.

And we know for a certainty this is true, because it’s not about Palestine or the sacred soil of Arabia or reconquering the formerly conquered lands. It’s about virgins. Virgins, not virgin because of their “purity” but because it is only one man that they can ever know. Nothing else to compare him to. No rivalry. No shortcomings or fastcomings. Whatever it is that he has to give, that’s everything there is. And seventy two virgins, not just one. There need be no masturbatory fantasizing after some other type. All the types are provided. Moslem terrorist heaven doesn’t need pornography. All its chicks are virgin whores, just for the Moslem terrorist. How adolescent.

How exactly would it work, I wonder. Here I am, a dead Moslem terrorist enjoying the reward Allah promises to all Moslem terrorists, living in my own oasis with my constantly revirginified virgins. They are reflowered, you see, after I deflower them. I guess. Their petals grow back after I have plucked them -- she loves me, she loves me, she loves me.... And if some dead exploding Mohammad comes acalling to my private paradise, well my virgins all wear burquas when callers come. Or maybe they never get into the rest of the tent. Just the sex rooms. Point being, Exploding Mohammad never sees my virgins, just as I never see his. And honestly, I don’t need to. Seventy two virgins must surely be enough. If they can regrow their hymens, they can surely change their faces and breast size and booty shape too. You’d think just one virgin would be enough then. I must want an audience. Me, and she, and 71 chicks to applaud.

I expect that Moslem terrorist heaven also includes an eternal prescription to some islamist generic of Viagra.

Does it seem as if I’ve wandered away from the topic? But no, you are mistaken. Because terrorism is about the two great and animal passions. The thrill of the kill, and fucking. "Fucking"? One virgin, or two or four, might be about love. Seventy two is about fucking. So moslem terrorism is about the pleasures of the here and now, and of the here-after, respectively. It’s about power. You will be my victim. I will take your life. You will be my virgin -- I will pluck your flower. Ah, such masculine dominance.

No, I’ve not wandered afield. Moslem Terrorist Islam -- MTI -- Empty I -- is about the dominating and explosive release of energy of two descriptions: deadly and sterile.

Islamism, the religion of Exploding Mohammads. EMs.


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