Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not Thug Enough

Yeah, I'd vote for Obama, except he's not black enough.

In South Carolina, The Reverend Jessie Jackson on the 18th "sharply criticized presidential hopeful and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for 'acting like he’s white' in what Jackson said has been a tepid response to six black juveniles’ arrest on attempted-murder charges in Jena, La." Six against one. No matter the color, these punks can hardly be treated with sufficient harshness. Or is it okay, because their victim was white? Could it be that Obama is against violent crime, and isn't likely to make public excuses for scum? Is this what Jackson thinks is "acting white"? If that's what acting white is, then maybe the racists are right. The white racist I mean. Black racists like Jackson seem to think that mob attacks on random individuals are permissible if there is sufficient emotion involved. But I suppose that's racism in general.


Poor Obama. He's not black enough for black racists like Jesse Jackson, and he's not white enough for white racists like, like -- um, well, I'm sure there are still white racists. I'll call up Al Sharpton for the list. And I suppose I'll have to pencil in my name at the bottom, cuz even thinking this way makes me a racist too. Imagine! Me saying there are black racists. The gall!

Obama's mother was white. His father was black. So he's black? Why isn't he white? It used to be called a touch of the tarbrush. A drop of black blood (I thought blood was red) and you can't vote. Odd, isn't it, how it's the black racists nowadays who are perpetuating that ideology -- not the voting part, the blackness part. Poor Obama just can't pass. For black. High yellow ain't black. Or maybe it's something to do with ghetto behavior.


Isn't the world evil enough, without this? I'd never vote for Obama, but it has to do with his positions on issues. I'd vote for Condie. I'd vote for JC Watts. Of course they're not black enough either. Not for The Reverend Jackson ... The Rev. Jessie Jackson ... yes, I think so. jessie jackson.

jackson must have been driven insane by the hardships of his youth. I roll with a black fella who comes in now and again with stories of sitting for 45 minutes or an hour and a half while the cops check out his registration. My secondary anger over this sort of thing doesn't count for anything. The evil that has overtaken me sprang from a less specific pit, that bred more violent monsters. But we can't compare evils. To die from hunger or from thirst -- it would be no blessing if we were given to choose.

But jackson? When in the past 40 years has he been thirsty? When has he missed a meal? He is a sewer of discord. And by sewer I mean cesspool, not planter. Of course I'm not allowed to talk this way. I'm white, you see. Pink, yellowish-orange, salmon, frog-belly, cracker-colored, turkeybreast whitemeat -- whatever. I'm a one-man Rainbow Coalition, but it all pans out to too too white. In jackson's world, I can't vote.

"Later, Jackson [sic] said he did not recall making the 'acting like he’s white' comment about Obama..." No, of course he didn't. Hardly anyone is racist on purpose. Six thugs brutalized some kid. What does color have to do with it? jackson found the way.

Later still, jackson attempted to kiss Obama's big black ass by releasing this: "I reaffirm my commitment to vote for Sen. Barack Obama. He has remarkably transcended race..." Maybe it wasn't so much ass-kissing as sucking on his big black penis. Blacks have big penises, you know.



G.W.C. said...

You know that if it had been 6 white kids kicking the hell out of one black kid they'd be be screaming for them all to be charged with hate crimes and given the maximum sentence. Instead, it six poor misunderstood, underprivlidged youths in need of a "time out". I don't care what color their skin is, six on one is pathetic cowardice, I know, I've been the one, and managed to be the last standing (okay, the last one crawling). I think they should be charged using the liberals beloved hate crimes laws.

Jack H said...

I don't really mind stupidity. If I did, I'd always be annoyed. Even the hypocrisy is expected. It's the self-righteousness. It seems like it should be incompatible with cowardice.


g.w.c. said...

Stupidity + cowardice = self-righteousness. Just look at France. I don't need to tell you where hypocrisy fits into that equation, it's fairly obvious.