Monday, October 22, 2007

Items of Interest

Well the trolls have been harassing me again. Oh Jack, give us more More MORE! Let us suck the lifeblood of your genius, ghastly vampires that we are. The leech is never satisfied. LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm a HUMAN!

I was just idling a few hard-won causal moments, thinking about writing something on Hillary, when I got distracted by Jeane-Claude Van Damme's erection. A non sequitur, you think? Hard-won. Well? What of it? It was his birthday a few days ago. He's 47. So many interesting things about JCVD. This, for example. He'll be starring in his own life story. The clip is actually amusing. I was reading and all of a sudden someone started speaking in French over my computer. It went on and on. I looked to see if I'd left some link open. Turns out another window had that clip playing. Isn't that interesting?

I've been thinking about learning Interlingua. I already know Esperanto. Just got done reading The Hobbit in that language. Now I'm reading Preter La Horizonto, by Gibran. I ordered Sinjoro Jokasto by de Maupassant too, but I'd already read it, and forgot. Now I've got two copies. Can't say I speak Esperanto, but I'm fluent at reading. If I'm going to read something in translation, I figure I don't have to read it in English, if there's an E alternative. Interlingua has hardly any texts available online, though. Words are however my thing. I might learn it just for the hell of it. Simplified Latin grammar with a lot of international cognates as the vocabulary base. Isn't that interesting?

I'm very interesting. Don't you think so too? Now I'm going to hang upside down for 10 minutes, then go roll. I rolled this morning too. Mornings are easy. Maybe I'll do more. Isn't that interesting?



akfox said...

Oh Jack, give me more More MORE! Let me suck the lifeblood of your genius, ghastly vampire that I am.

Jack H said...

Well you might say. But until you give proof of having read every word of every post of every blog of the incomparable Jack H, your pathetic pleas will fall upon deaf ears. A brief but convincing synopsis of each item, left in the comments. You should have been doing this all along. This goes for ALL of you, parasites. The free lunch is OVER! I'm a HUMAN!