Thursday, October 25, 2007


You are a

Social Moderate
(56% permissive)

Economic Conservative
(68% permissive)

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The Politics Test

Lord, look how permissive I am. Well, as I've said, I was a registered Libertarian all through the '80s. But it was just too irresponsible. And see how I'm closer to the Dhems than to the Stupids? How odd. I'd much rather be a fool than a fool and a traitor. Well, almost all my answers for this little test were Agree or Disagree, rather than Strongly... Makes me seem moderate. And notice I hit "economically conservative" only by one point. Something is fishy here. They didn't ask about abortion or "gay" "marriage". Pretty much, people can do what they want. This is surprising? Pay your own way, but be kind. If you can't be generous, don't expect the government to be.

A lot of the questions were phrased ambiguously. "People should..." Should in what sense? Because it's right? Because it's expected?

"The life of one American is worth the lives of several foreigners." Well, yes. That's why we have wars. It's not about American or foreign. It's about the duty of a government to protect its citizens.

"A society is only as successful as its least fortunate members." That's just stupid. It's like saying you're only as happy as your saddest moment. It's a lefty sentiment.

"I think everyone has a right to the basic material necessities of life." How about people who won't work for them?

"A person has the right to claim the Holocaust never happened, if that's what he believes." A person has the right to be a moron. What -- they don't?

"Being poor and black is an advantage in getting into college." It's called Affirmative Action. Notice that the question didn't go into poor academic achievement. Just poor. Alas, they are highly correlated. Does the fact that I recognized this make me a racist?

"America isn't as free as it thinks it is." I agreed. Hardly anything is what it thinks it is.

"I should be able to sell my vote for cash if I feel like it." Strongly disagreed. It's true only if we should be able to take bribes -- to betray our duty for profit.

"Most people are too stupid to know what's best for them." You and me both. We know about stupidity by what we actually do. That's what knowing is. Of course an affirmative answer registers as fascist -- but these are blunt instruments, not scalpels.

"Blind patriotism is a very bad thing." The same way blind faith is a very bad thing. Blindness is bad. Duh.

"Since parents can't be trusted to monitor what their children watch, TV content needs to be more regulated." I left this one blank and it defaulted to Strongly Agree. Oops. I Disagree. Guess this makes me less moderate, right? Or is it more? Lefties think parents can't be trusted, and conservatives are against regulation. Um, right? Anyway, if parents can't be trusted, why would regulators be trustworthy? No one is trustworthy. Yet we muddle along.

"It should be legal for two consenting adults to challenge each other to a duel and fight a Death Match." You tell me. I seem to think yes.

Well, you get the idea. Labels look like neat little boxes, but they don't hold water. We are far more complex, too large to be so constricted. At least I am. Maybe you're small and simple. In which case I pity you. And because I seem to be such a lefty, I'll see if we can get you into some government program where you can slurp off one of the public's many teats for the rest of your life. Ah. Now I feel like such a good person.


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