Thursday, October 25, 2007


God hates Southern California. We know it this time because it's been on fire for a few days. Over a half million people dislocated. But given this, the entire operation is running like clockwork. We don't have a competent Legislature here -- all homo lefties -- but we have enough experience by now to deal with these sorts of things. And the emergency workers are superb. Sort of a little different than, oh, say, that whole Katrina thing. We have people here living in sports stadiums, and not a whiff of a problem.

Well, I did hear about six, er, immigrants stealing water and food meant for the refugees and loading it into their van. The Boarder Patrol folks were called, but they've made sure to make it clear that they aren't going to exploit this crisis to enforce the law. That's very humane of them. Imagine how bad it would be if the Undocumented-American community felt any undue pressure to leave. Pressure other than our nativist racism, that is. Maybe that's why God hates Southern California. And America.

I wonder why Bush set all those fires. I'm sure Cheney helped. Do you suppose it was an accident? Maybe Cheney accidentally dropped some incendiary bombs on a hunting partner. One thing is for certain: Bush lied, SoCal fried.

The sun was orange yesterday. The light was magic. Other people's hardships are just pictures on the news. If they need help, the government will take care of it. Charity is demeaning. Entitlements are the thing. You know, to preserve the illusion of dignity. Taking without deserving. Like residence in the USA. It's an entitlement, now, that the whole world can enjoy.

Yeah, you can see I'm skirting the illegals issue. I just don't want to write any more about the invasion. Off to the side I've archived a lot of my earlier pieces on the topic. It was a thing of mine for a while. Still is. It's about justice. I don't really have any big emotion about it. So I'll just ramble a bit more and then stop.

The other day I had a brief chat with a fella, meandering around talking about the Gaunches and the four appetites. We know appetite by the fact that it can be satiated. Hunger, thirst, sleep and sex. All necessary for survival -- individual or species. Later I thought about breathing as an appetite, but there is no meaningful satiation. As soon as we get enough we need more. It's like a heartbeat. As for the Gaunches, they are the extinct race indigenous to the Canary Islands. Tall and blond, but unrelated to the Teutons or Norse. Related, actually -- identical to, in fact, Cro-Magnons. Skulls are indistinguishable. Wiped out by disease and conquest around the time Columbus was in the Americas. Many were taken as slaves, and their genes remain now only scattered here and there, absorbed into the chunky stew we call the human gene pool.

That's what's happening here, with our culture rather than our genes. America isn't about genes. It's about culture. What new thing, what new hybrid will appear, now that our borders are open? The culture that has brought prosperity and freedom and the rule of law, mixed now with a more southerly one, from which its people flee, yet paradoxically preserve. They're conflicted. So are we, to value what we have but fail to protect it. I suppose an argument can be made that we have had our fill of breathing for a time, enough heartbeats, and we are sated.

How diligently we fight these fires. Obvious and dramatic dangers are easy to recognize and resist.

You know, I don't think I've rambled as much as it may appear.


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