Friday, December 14, 2007


Diversity then is just a codeword for anti-American. From what would they be diverging? You can't change your race, pace Michael Jackson. You can only change your allegiances. We used to have the idea of "one nation, indivisible" -- of From Many, One. It's on our money, after all. Somewhere along the line the secessionists and segregationists expanded their tents, and all colors are welcome, so long as they unite in attacking that most fundamental of American ideals, equality before the law. The entitlement blacks and the self-loathing lefty whites and the MEChA macho browns -- pardon me if I'm leaving your color out -- come together not just to celebrate but to fulminate diversity. Blessed, evidently, are the pieces makers.

Last year I observed the racists of Hawaii. Well, we have the right to be racists. We do not have the right to destroy the Union, or to violate the Constitution. It's called sedition, and treason ... which nowadays are almost joke words, as are loyalty and duty. Or am I being cynical. Recently George Will returned to the subject of Hawaii and its newly invented tribe of blood-pure elites and their mongrel companions.

It seems that "Native Hawaiians" are to be given special, extra-Constitutional immunities and privileges. Uh, what, pray, is a "native"? I am a native Californian. If I'd been born in Hawaii, wouldn't I be a native Hawaiian? Alas, my race, my RACE is not the correct one. A new concept, in America. And an old one. What's old is new again. Jefferson Davis would be proud. Would I get the special privileges if I were adopted into a family of the correct blood? Or is it entirely race-based, the way the racists in the Senate love it? I'd inquire of their ethicists, but they are no doubt too busy lamenting their recent loss of embryonic stem cell experimentation. They'd like to be able to play with embryos as a matter of principle, the way the Japanese hunt whales just to assert their right to do so.

If there were special rights reserved exclusively for powerful, handsome blonds (but I repeat myself), I would not avail myself of them. I and my kind are superior in and of ourselves, and need no special considerations. All the lesser races, which are all of them, need all the help they can get, poor backwards near-beasts that they are. How sad. How sad. To be consistent, I suppose the diversity mongers need the handouts they demand. I can't object to this on the basis of need. They need it. I object on the basis of law -- our nation is founded on the precepts of impartial justice. That they would have partiality speaks to their foolishness. It's an argument they can only seem to win, and that, only for a brief time. Then blood will out.

Ugly, isn't it, that kind of arrogance, of discourtesy and racism. How would it be okay for some other blood type? America is, most of all, an ideal. Ideals are not realities, but something rather that we must aspire to. Who looks for perfection is a fool. Who doesn't strive for excellence is a waste of space. Yes, it is a little preachy, but that's why you come here.

It's hard to forgive the wrongs that have been done to us. You'd think it would be a little easier to get over the evils done to our grandparents and more distant ancestors. It's a necessity, regardless of how easy it is. Everyone's ancestors have been slaves. We get the word "slave" from the Slavs, who, along with the Teutons, built the great edifices of the Roman Empire. I'm not looking to Italy for reparations. I'm over it. As for the "native" Hawaiians -- by which must be meant Polynesian-Americans -- they have nothing to complain about. They voted, like the rest of Hawaiians, for statehood.

We live with the choices of our parents, and there are hardly ever any take-backs. Take-backs ... a childish, a schoolyard concept. Something to have outgrown. Alas, more evidence of the failure of our educational system. Problems everywhere. Doesn't it ever get better? Maybe the lefties are right. If it's not perfect, it's evil. Oh, that feels good, being a liberal. I feel so righteous. Now I just need to find someone to blame. First thing, check skin color, so I'll know how to judge you.



clifford said...

i define a native as the a person who's ancestors were
first to discover and settle the land in question, in this case the hawaiian islands. People who's ancestors were not first to settle the land are interlopers; or, as in the case of you rapacious whites, invaders, intruders, predators, thieves.

kamana lonokapu - hawaiian

Jack H said...

Very naive. But I'm pleased, since I haven't until now heard directly from any full-blown racists. Is that part of your presumptive culture, or is it just you?

Do you imagine that the warring, the *conquering* clans on the various islands were all first? -- and they didn't take over each other's land? Sweet child. Land cannot be owned. It can only be occupied.

Being, presumable, of one of God's less-favored races, and therefore not possessed of an autochthonic system of writing, you will actually be unaware of your origins, and the authentic details of your history, and the sad and bloody memory of the rapes and murders your forebearers worked on the families they found in previous possession of "your" island. Because hardly anyone is "first". Surely you know enough of your traditions to know that?

Kamehameha did not *conquer* the neighboring islands with a harsh look. Hawaiian history rivals the annals of the Borges for bloodshed. I'd call Hawaiians "invaders, intruders, predators" then, to the inhabitants of the other islands. As for "white," I commend you to your conscience, such as it is. As for "thieves," isn't that a whiteman's concept?

What you mistake for "native" is actually "indigenous." And unless you're writing from Hawaii, uh, well, figure it out.

I attempted to do you the courtesy of looking up your obscure phrase, kamana lonokapu. It is, you understand, a minor language. The only instance I can find of it on the internet

is from a racist site. What a surprise.

I can only assume that you got part-way through my post and then composed your comment. You have clearly not understood my meaning. This demonstrates a lack of integrity or of intelligence. Since your sentences are coherent, and since you are a racist, I posit the former. "For shame." Translate that into Hawaiian, and apply it to yourself.


G.W.C. said...

Hey Cliff, how about you just chant "Haoles get out" and get it over with