Sunday, January 6, 2008

Most Ancient Days

All right. So here it is. I seem to have decided to post some of my various books. And it is a very very very tedious project. I wrote these things in the dark ages of personal computers, using an early version of Word Perfect. Now I'm using some version of Word, but I don't seem to have a conversion tool. That was a problem. I can't really even access my old files in a meaningful way. I've switched computers so many times. I just found, last night, an online conversion tool, but all of my endnote citations are lost. I'll post anyway. Anyone who has a serious question as to sources can contact me. And you'd better be serious.

Cuz I'm VERY irritated. Blasphemous, even. How ironic. You would not believe the formatting problems I've been wrestling with for the past hours and hours and hours. I have a (painfully complex) system worked out, with too dang many steps, but there it is. And I have to go through each chapter manually to make sure it looks at least sort of presentable. I'm a very proud man, and these inevitable and uncorrectable flaws irk me. But the alternative is to remain out of print, and these materials do have worth.

First up is Most Ancient Days, my reconstruction of ancient history, two chapters so far. I won't go into it here. If you think you have an interest, you can look at its preface. I make no commitment as to how long it will take me to get all the chapters online. Eventually I suppose I'll have all of the books up. I haven't actually finished The Days of Brass and Iron. Don't know if I ever will. Life got in the way. I have most of the research done, but these things are not easy to write, and I have no reason to believe the world is crying out for it. We shall see.

I won't go into the motives and passions that drove me to write them. Enough to say that together they harmonize a full range of intellectual disciplines into a unified and I believe rigorous biblical paradigm. It is revolutionary, and unmatched in its scope. Would you expect less, from me? Haven't you realized it yet? I'm brilliant. FP is just about emotion, and a few glib observations. It's not a serious effort. These are serious, and you will be astounded and left speechless. How I pity, and envy you. How happy I'd be, if there were some luminous sage to do for me what I would do for you. But that's just asking too much. How lonely I am.

If you find something of worth in these efforts, you'd be wise to let me know. If I get the idea that nobody cares, I may not bother to go through the hassle. I don't need gratitude. I work for less than peanuts. I just don't want to be wasting my time.



Will C. said...

Jack, please strike the last nine words from your last know damn well you're not wasting your time.

If I have to, I will cut and paste your stuff into my local paper's web forum. The nincompoops in there badly need enlightenment anyway. I'll do it mister!

Jack H said...

Well, you know what I mean. Writers want to be read. Otherwise they're hermits.

But thanks.