Friday, January 4, 2008


Well. Yes, I see. Obama and Huckabee. Winners Thursday night in Iowa, which as I recall is somewhere east of Kansas-- maybe next to Tennessee. Interesting. The two least experienced players in the field. Haven't we had enough of that already? You know already that I tend to favor Giuliani. It's not the nine eleven thing. It's the New York City thing. Romney will do. I hear good things about Duncan Hunter, but we'll have to wait and see. Fred sound good, looks good, but it isn't about sounds and looks. Huckabee only sounds good, and that, only when it's about one liners. Alas, we don't need a comedian for president.

Obama is so much better than Hillary. But he can't win the Office. He's just too far to the left. He was a civil rights attorney. That's code. The right hasn't released his voting record as an Illinois legislator, because we don't want to undermine him in his bid against Hillary. But it's sure to have some poison pills in it, and it will hurt him the way Bush's drunk driving revelation hurt in 2000. His campaign theme is CHANGE and UNITY. ahem. These, both, are political pablum. They mean nothing, and by being meaningless, they represent exactly the opposite of CHANGE. As for UNITY, my, doesn't that sound nice. How will he do it? By telling conservatives to be liberals? It takes more than a smooth voice and a sincere-seeming smile to accomplish the actual work of Executive in Chief. And he's black. Not just black, but a lefty black. That means only true believers will vote for him on the left, and the racists, of which there are still quite a few -- and I don't mean whites -- will not be moved to overcome their bigotry on his account.

The smart move, and what I'd like to see, is for a serious conservative black to run. Then you get the conservatives, and you get a big chunk of the left, who will vote just to get a minority in the White House. Is this a cynical view on my part? Yes it is. Or rather, it's Machiavellian. I'm fine with that. Why aren't you? Machiavelli was right. If you don't think so, you haven't read The Prince. It's online. Give it a whirl. The point is, candidates are like babies. You don't care who they are, as long as they're yours. And I think the destroyed black community would be reinvented by having a strong, decent, conservative example in such a high office. That's your reparations. The American Dream at its finest. I pray for the day.

Iowa is the first of the primaries. It is insignificant, objectively. It gives someone a boost? Well, yes it does, but that's just because public opinion is like the first circle of Hell. Everyone is flying through the air, eternally chasing after leaves in the wind. So much emotion, so little rationality. What you have is the first lap, of fifty. Does the race go to the runner who's in the lead for the first lap? I'd venture to say the predictive power of that position is virtually zero. Its value is solely in the arithmetic. When all the ballots are counted at the conventions, Iowa will matter. All the rest of it is band music, bunting and balloons. How we love cymbals. Symbols.

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GUYK said...

Giuliani? I figure that if he doesn't care if he takes away your second amendent rights he ill not hesitate to take away the rest if it suits his purpose. I am still behind Fred..and kinda figure that he will gain momentum when the primaries start in the southern states..he has a lot more support in Florida than MSM wants you to believe. Rudy had the yankee snowbird support but there are a lot more here that vote than the yankee snowbirds..who usually vote for the dim-a-crits anyway..

Jack H said...

I know, it doesn't seem consistent of me. But here's my reasoning. He held an anti-gun position as mayor, in a crime-ridden city. If he had a pro-gun stance in that job, he'd have been irresponsible. It's not a mayor's job to protect the Second Amendment. Potholes and street crime, rather. We both know that in a lawless place like NYC was, concealed weapons permits weren't going to happen.

Now he's going for Prez. Different job. Job one, protect the Constitution. And now he's making the right-sounding noises about that.

I keep coming back to results. I really like the idea of Fred. But what has he actually done? Voted in the Senate? Acted? Practiced law? Not exceptional. What Rudy did in NY is a freakin miracle. That buys him a lot, in my book. I have my concerns. Abortion is top of the list. But we always have to trust, with politicians, that they'll not be the scum we fear they could be. We keep on, stupidly, taking them at their word. Of the lot, they've all pretty much changed positions. Maybe not the tail-end guys, but they hardly count.

So there you go then. Politics is about compromise and unreasonable hope.