Saturday, January 19, 2008


Interesting. Hillary won the popular vote in Nevada, and Obama won the most delegates -- 13 to 12. Shades of 2000. Technically that means Obama won, but since his great rationale for running is that he can inspire the most people, his victory is somehow oddly non-symbolic. Hillary won across all demographics. This suggests that the hispanic vote, although of "minorities," will not be going to the minority. Who knows. In this case the minority is also the union vote, which means old-time Democrat, which means clintons.

bill has taken to squealing about unfairness, the day before his wife's various primaries, claiming some inequity from the media or the blacks or someone. Who knows. Poor bill. Maybe that should be his nickname. In terms of primary/caucus delegates, Obama is two points ahead of Hillary, 38 to 36. Hillary got all those "super delegate" party machine votes -- 167 to Obama's 110. Make of that what you will. I see it as a Hillary win. Who can fight that clinton machine? The Dem candidate will need 2025 delegates to win the nomination. Hillary has 203, so she's precisely one-tenth of the way to victory. There's a long way to go.

Edwards? He wants to be king-maker. I expect he'll throw his delegates to Hillary. Kerry endorsed Obama rather than Edwards, his old running-mate. What a slap in the face. But it may be that Hillary wouldn't need his votes, except that, if he gives them to Obama, he'd be the nominee. Hmm. Secretary of State Edwards? Yikes. It would be a good thing only if the Middle East demands that we negotiate only with their doctors. Then he'd kick ass.

As for the GOP, it was a Romney blowout in Nevada -- 17 delegates, to McCain's and Paul's 4. McCain seems to have taken South Carolina, just ahead of Huckabee and slamming the door on Thompson. Giuliani scored his one and only delegate so far in Nevada. He needs to win in Florida. It's been his strategy. If he pulls it off, he'll look like a genius. If not, he's probably done. It'd be so cool if it were a viable 4-man race. Far out. But McCain's polling ahead Florida and California. And we know how important polls are. I saw Romney on Leno last night. He'll do.

There seems to be a media conspiracy to change our way of pronouncing Nevada, to Nevahda. They did the same thing with Moscow. Moss-cow. They've changed it to Moss-co. Seems to be the British way of saying it. Hey, America-haters: we say Moss-cow. And you suck.


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