Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spontaneous Utterance

Hillary was in La Salsa Vevosa or El Cholo Povrecito or La Colon Caliente or some such ethnically oriented eatery yesterday when a little man said through a hole in the wall that his wife was an illegal, and what would Hillary do about that? Hillary’s mouth sprang into action, and she annunciated the profound leftist truism, “There are no illegal women.”

Well, first, let’s notice her bigotry. It is through such unconsidered assumptions that the heart is revealed. Women? Who says the man’s wife is a woman? Here Hillary is yammering on about “change” all over the place, and she’s so limited that she doesn’t even understand that marriage is not between only a man and a woman. How retro. Shameful, even. I bet she thinks there are only two genders. Y’know what she is? She’s a gaycist. A closet gaycist. We always suspected as much.

But the intention of her statement was to affirm that the United States is no longer a sovereign nation. A Hillary presidency would remove any distinction between legal immigrants and invaders, between citizens and anyone else at all. Borders? Such an outré notion. Even the cliché of a melting pot is too restrictive. A mud puddle -- that’s what so-called America would be.

The idea of ownership is ever so obnoxious to these liberals. What’s up with that? I think it must be other people’s ownership, though. Hillary kept, after all, the millions of dollars she made from, say, her autobiography. No sharing of the wealth, there. The scores of millions bill has made from his speaking engagements, to Arabs and Red Chinese, and socked away in bank accounts and investments and Elvis portraits on velvet and the like -- he's keeping it. It’s other people’s property that they hate.

It seems that this nation is viewed as just that, property, which, as a very wise man has observed, is something the left hates. Who was that very wise man, you ask? Why, none other than myself, your humble author. This nation is mere property. That’s all it seems to mean to them, to whom property is theft. They would right this wrong by stealing from the rich, and the middle class, and the working poor, and giving to the, uh, well, not the poor -- the indigent? -- no … the wastrels? -- drug addicts? -- entitlement whores? The unworthy. The losers. The lazy destructive gimme-gimme haters. You know -- the constituency of the left.

We’ll just have to disagree. Some of us, more toward the right, don’t see this nation as mere specifically-located dirt. There is something, well, sacred in our conception of what a nation is. It has been sanctified by the blood of patriots and the blessings that countless millions, citizens and immigrants, and natives in their foreign lands, have received from this nation. That’s how we see it -- not without flaws, but precious and worth respecting and defending. Like your mother.

The big current lie is that this is a nation of immigrants. No. Wrong. This is a nation of citizens. I know plenty of immigrants. They have become citizens, and God bless them for their shared love of this land -- they are no longer immigrants. Some aspire to citizenship, and we welcome them as new-found brothers. They don’t make America great. America would be great without them. They make their contributions, which are respected, and which are owed. Same as you, and me. Immigrants? We love them. Illegals?

Los Angeles has an ex-gangsta mayor who asserts that this city was built by immigrants. Wrong. It is true that there was, once upon a time, a tiny insignificant little cow-town by the name of El Pueblo de la Reina de los Angeles, back in the days when burros were the primary mode of transportation in these parts. I suppose immigrants built that pueblo -- Spaniards and Mexicanos who migrated north into the relatively virginal territory of the island of California. I mean, it wasn’t built by Indians, that pueblo ... unless they were slaves. This city was no more built by immigrants than this nation was. It was built by citizens, and by those who aspired to be citizens. The Pueblo? Every Spanish-speaker resident in California when it became a territory of the United States automatically became a citizen of the United States.

As for the illegals, when they came here they understood that they were repudiating the option of citizenship, and the laws that uphold it. The kindest truthful thing that can be said about the illegals is that they are selfish. They jumped the queue, ahead of those people who had the character and the decency to stand in line. Do we need them? No we don’t. There are lawful immigrants, real immigrants, who can do entry level jobs and unskilled labor. That is, after all, always how it’s been. What’s changed? Well, alas, we have. We’ve stopped loving the very principle that has given us our greatest blessings -- the principle of the rule of law.

There is a whole major political party dedicated to the arbitrary interpretation of our Constitution -- they pretend it is a “living, breathing document.” A lie. It is a monument set in stone. The process by which it changes is not mutation, as with a living thing, not the whim and mood of a judge who imagines himself a legislator. Rather, the process by which the Constitution changes is through being amended. But that’s too much trouble, for the left. They would do as they wouldst.

There are no illegal women? I won’t go over that ground again. I did so, long ago -- the silly word-games they play. There is illegal behavior. There is an illegal status. For a group that thinks there could be such a thing as a hate-crime -- which is an emotion crime, which is a thought crime -- for a group that thinks the number of times you flush your toilet is their business -- for a group that would make a man continually ask permission of a woman, that he may continue to make love to her ... these people have a problem understanding the need for visas and green cards? I guess that’s because it involves the wrong kind of emotion.

Hillary identified herself by her spontaneous utterance. Illegals? Maybe she cares about them and maybe not. Who could ever know? But what is clear from her verbiage is that she is a liberal. We know it not by her words alone, but by their meaninglessness. No illegal women? Who ever said there were such things? The thing that arose from Hillary's heart is not merely nonsensical. Many things we say under pressure are garbled. What we see, though, here, is that she does not care about meaning. She makes it up as she goes.

In a world where there are real enemies, here they are, inventing things to fight against.


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