Friday, February 1, 2008

Eyes Open

We have to be realistic. Idealism gets you ... I was just about to reveal some unpleasant details of my personal history, about the disaster and heart wrenching tragedy that idealism gets you. Idealism gets you nothing but disappointment. There has to be something just as noble but not as stupid as idealism. Maybe the word will come to me. In any case, we have to be realistic. What is politics, after all, if not about living in the real world.

So I expect McCain will be the GOP nominee, and I expect Hillary will be the man the Dems go for. In fact, as things stand, it’s what I would have to hope for, if I am to be realistic. As polls have it at this moment, it’s a virtual tie between either of the Dems and McCain, in a national election. Any other Republican loses in a rout.

For a tiny little while I was thinking that if McCain is the nominee, I’d vote for Hillary. I know, it’s crazy. My reasoning was, she’ll ruin the country enough for the Republicans to hold power for any number of election cycles. Cynical, and too clever by half. Because it’s not about what will happen five and nine and thirteen years from now. It’s what will happen in the controllable future -- insofar as the future is controllable. Too many imponderables confound our sly machinations, and the permutations fade into mist just a few branchings out.

What’s so bad about McCain, that I’d vote for a clinton? I’m the guy who voted for Dukakis. I didn’t think Bush pere was honest. Ah, youth. What’s so bad about McCain is borders. Every living thing has some sort of barrier that protects it from the chaos of the rank environment. When that membrane is pierced, the organism gets infected, or it leaks out its cytoplasm, or some other biologically disastrous or at best highly expensive problem occurs. The United States is the only country in the world the government of which makes no serious attempt to control its borders and the free-flow of aliens.

The invasion sweeping in, almost entirely from Mexico, is understandable. It’s just not desirable. Who would do the jobs these illegals take? Blacks, mostly. However unfortunate it is that there still remains this economic stratification in the US, that is the reality. The reality is that the invasion hurts blacks most. Economically. Who suffers most from the cheap, the illegal labor? They drive wages down, and they drive low-income housing costs up -- simple market forces -- greater demand equals higher prices. Hm.

I won’t go into the lies, about jobs Americans won’t do. What’s important here is that Americans are being hurt, and if a relatively few, rich, guys benefit from the invasion, that in no way justifies it. I don’t understand what’s up with Bush. It’s his great failing, and his disgrace. But he’s old news now. New news is who will be president next, and Romney is the only American of that lot, and he’s not going to get the nomination, as I see it. I'll vote for him, come Tuesday, but my vote hardly ever counts.

Obama is a complete disaster, in terms of the border. If he is black, and has any special, any tribal concern for the black community, he’s a total traitor, a sell-out to the white liberal ideology that has kept blacks in the projects and on drugs for two and three generations. For shame. Hillary at least acknowledges that there is such a thing as an "undocumented worker" (which however disingenuous, is at least a technically accurate description) -- Obama always and only uses the hideous lying euphemism, “immigrants”. May his blood turn to water, for this. Immigrant is a term of law, and requires that certain recognized procedures be performed. It is in no way a synonym for invader.

As for McCain, he sponsored an amnesty bill last year. It’s not technically amnesty? True. There is a very mild fine. More of a bribe, a mordida, really, the way Mexicans are used to doing things. Am I wrong? Well, I’m no longer an idealist. If bribes are what it takes, many will pay them, and accept them. That’s not what is so offensive to me. What offends me -- not in the oh my feelings are hurt sort of way, but to the core -- is the total disregard for the rule of law, which is the only human principle that gives us the little security that we might enjoy.

We have to guard justice jealously, with all our heart and all our strength. Without it, we are savages -- a word so obsolete it’s almost a joke, but I mean it. McCain, for some reason I am incapable of discerning, has tried to establish unjust laws in place of just ones. Was he a hero, in the Vietnam War? He is a traitor, now. What greater job has a patriot to do, than to protect the borders? Patriotism is about nationality, which is about what we have, as opposed to what they have. Foolishly harsh, my word, traitor? You see my reasoning. Am I wrong? Spell it out for me, and keep it simple, cuz I'm not seeing it.

So that’s why it’s all bad. Health care? National health care will be like public schools -- 56% of the “students” in the LA Unified School District drop out. Canadians come here for their health care, unless they want to die in line. Abortion? McCain would be weak, but the Dems are Moloch. Judges? Same deal. Iraq? It’s almost over. The Left wants out? That wouldn’t really necessarily be the disaster it would have been last year. Not that they care. McCain would get it right. The rest of it? It’s just money, higher or lower taxes. Yes it matters. Any wasting to be done, we want to do it ourselves. But that's idealism.

Is McCain a grumpy old foul-mouthed egotist? So am I. Is he stubborn and arrogant? Me too. Will he say “fuck you” to Palestinians leaders or the president of Iran, as he says it to Senate Republican colleagues? That seems like a good thing.

I don’t really believe in miracles. I could have used a few in my time, and never got any. God forgets middle management. He’s great with those little things, like cancer going into remission once in a great while -- rare enough to make it a miracle. And he's great with the big things, like the Battle of Tours and the formation of galaxies. But to find his artistic hand laboring over the the details of the middle distance is unlikely. So it seems to me. In this election, we have to settle for mediocrity, for the wrong wo/man. In a world where Carter could become president, nothing is assured.

Maybe I’m just in a mood though. I have some pretty bad pain between my shoulder blades, and my arm is re-injured. No worries. It’s only pain. Like it’s only borders, and jobs, and the economy and a war against moslem totalitarians. That's all. We can always find a way to make it all seem less important. We can find ways to make reality unimportant. We can always be idealists.


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Will C. said...

Too bad it is that my Sen. Demint is not running. He was a key player in stopping McCain-Ken... I can't even bring myself to write his full name.

I do like to think that my phone call to Washington on that day was one of tens of thousands of wee cannonballs that stopped Queen Anne's Revenge from making it to port.