Sunday, February 3, 2008


I understand there's a sort of sporting contest coming up within the next few weeks. The Superb Bole or somesuch -- the name often changes, with much employment of Latin. Not a Bass Ball sporting event, as many wrongly seem to think. No indeed -- American Foot Ball, rather, a sort of tug-of-war over a leather ovoid object called the "pig", about the size of a severed human head. I am quite expert in the rules of this game, but I realize that most of my readers will have no interest in such frivolities.

Bread and Circus. It's human nature, and there's nothing to be done about it. Certainly no harm in it. Turns out that men do not actually beat up women after the Superb Bole, as the lesbian lobby used to claim. As for the bread, indeed it's being reported that more food is now consumed during this secular holiday than during Thanksgiving. "Food" would have a specialized definition in this context -- something that is put into the mouth and then swallowed. What exactly are pork rinds anyway? My understanding is that it is pig blubber fried in pig lard and sometimes glazed with pig fat. Am I wrong about that? Not by much, if at all. I can't imagine that I could be. I consider myself, and rightly, an expert in the subject.

I am an expert in so many things just like this. Politics, as another example. On the rare occasions that I might be wrong, it's always because of someone else's stupidity. So you can trust me when I express myself. Take the upcoming elections for instance. Obama may well have a chance, if the Dems tap him. It has to do with the hate-meter. So far, he doesn't register. He is ranked as the number one most liberal senator for 2007. Up, or down, from tenth, in the previous year. Did he maneuver himself? One tends to think so. Imagine that, though. More of a lefty than the TiK. Hillary had been ranked about 36th, now at 16th most liberal, as I recall. Also positioning herself to the left. One must service the har ... the MoveOn dot crowd.

But for all his leftitude, Obama isn't at this point about actual positions and policies. He's just a voice emanating from a stage. Safe in the flattering fog of vagueness. Hillary, contrariwise, is loathed. I've never had any emotional issues with her. It's just a matter of respect. I have no respect for her. She's Lady Macbeth, which is a fine thing to be, if it's for a good cause. Ambition and ruthlessness merely for power, however, is pitiful. I don't even feel pity though. I, like bill, don't feel anything for her. But many many conservatives hate her.

Thus, conservatives will come out merely to vote against Hillary, regardless of who the Republican candidate is. McCain won't do? Hillary won't do by orders of magnitude. See? Whereas, if Obama is the nominee, the soft right will stay home -- cool about McCain, and unmoved by Obama. That means a Dem win. General elections are usually decided by the swing voters. But that's only if there's a good showing from both flanks.

McCain and Obama are probably about equal in their general appeal. McCain is old, but he's a "maverick." People like that. Obama is inexperienced, but he's attractive and has a great stage presence. It could break either way, then, except that the hardcore conservatives will stay home. So there you go then.

If the Dems give it to Obama, we'll have the first black, and the most liberal ever, president. That's a very bad thing. It will be a disaster for the country, and for race relations, and for the world. Blacks will side unthinkingly with Obama, and his failed lefty policies will set up a nasty disconnect with reality. Cognitive dissonance is hard to reason with. Jubilation will turn to anger, and if there's one thing we know for certain about the group-think mentality of racial voting blocks, it's that somebody else always gets the blame. If personal responsibility had any place in such groups, the groups wouldn't exist -- the individuals would decide an issue on its merit.

Ah well. It's not my problem. My guy didn't get it. And I already know how vile the world is. Now it's your turn to learn. So tell the lefties they should vote for Hillary. That way McCain will win, and the Republicans will lose in four years, but at least things won't be as bad as they would be otherwise. So it's a good thing.


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