Friday, February 15, 2008

The First Black President

Indeed, the clintons are the greatest friends blacks ever had. Adoring, subservient blacks, that is. Blacks who know their place on the entitlement plantation. bill just loves to see the Negroes dance, so long as he calls the tune.

Offensive? Of course I'm offensive. Deliberately. I am sufficiently aware of the imagery I evoke to appreciate its effect. The issue is not whether I'm offensive. It's whether I'm correct. The left is now apprehending what the right as always known. The clintons are without principle. Not ad hominem. The evidence is clear. The "race card". For shame.

There's something fundamentally racist about the right. We like things the way they are, the way they were. Not terribly fair, is it, to the disadvantaged, who tend to be minorities. But the same can be said of the left. Fundamentally racist. Those poor, incapable minorities -- we must take care of them. How infantalizing.

Action is the tool of belief, just as mind is the fool of the heart. Does any mystery remain as to the clinton character? We know its mind and its heart, because we see its actions. If wisdom is the ability to draw accurate conclusions from insufficient evidence, we should be holy sages by now, regarding, or compared to, the clintons. There is hardly any need for intense emotion, though. There are worse things than unethical ambition. Incompetence would be an example.

Hillary hasn't shown herself to be terribly effective, but her incompetence has yet to be demonstrated. Same with Obama. He's just a cypher. He's a better dancer than Hillary though.


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