Thursday, February 14, 2008

Northern Illinois University

Today's latest pettigreat dumbfuck met his fate on the campus of Northern Illinois University. He takes as his role model that other genius of self-expression, the Artist Cho, late of Virginia Tech, who came to world prominence last April in his dramatic display of power and will. I said I wouldn't say anything more about Cho, and I was correct. This is nothing more. Just more of the same. My fourfold take on that particular mass murderer? Here.

Eighteen people reported wounded, so far four killed. Not counting the scum in that number. I don't have a lot to say about this. What's left to say? A "skinny white guy" with a "stocking cap", whatever that is, or a black cap or a hoodie, with a shotgun and a pistol. The coward assassin saved a bullet for his peabrain. Why do these assholes always get the order wrong? Suicide first, then murder.



Will C. said...

I don't want to pollute this site, but I came across a comment from "Craig" on a story about the latest shooting. I've gotten a bit fed up with people like this so I quipped back as best I could. I'm posting his snide comment first...

"Why is it conservatives always see the answer as "more guns?" They never stop to think that making guns more available might be the problem. I am all for letting people carry a weapon, if they really must. How about a spear? A club? Why not an ax? Everyone who wants one can carry an ax to work, school, whateverbut not a gun.

The only thing that makes this discussion tolerable is that everytime you people say the word gun, I know you really mean "p3ni$." Yes, don't let the "evil liberals" steal that." - Craig

"Nice comment Craig, really showing your lack of critical thinking...The problem is not guns but the Nieztche-esque, secular-humanism that your side has poisoned our youth with. Mr. √úbermensch Kazmierczak probably believed there would be no consequence to his actions, since the left has succeeded in taking God out of American public education. No good or evil...right? no heaven or hell...right? Who are we to impose our moral values on anyone...right? Reap what you sow Craig." - Will C.

Jack feel free to critique my response or add to it if you think I am on to something.

Will C. said...

Just in case you want to read the original article (which is short but quite good), have at it. The commentary is getting quite lengthy.

Its is titled:
Another Massacre At A "Gun Free Zone" College Campus

Jack H said...

Speaking of polluting this site, I did it myself, here, didn't I. But if not for this, what's profanity for?

Jack H said...

"Why is it conservatives always see the answer as "more guns?"

Is that what we always do? I see the answer not as "more guns," but as "more self-control." That, in contradistinction with "more government-control."

"They never stop to think that making guns more available might be the problem."

Is that what we never stop to think? I stop to think that guns are not the problem or the answer. I think of guns as the equal sign in the middle. I stop to wonder if the left made guns illegal, would their next ban be on spears and clubs and axes. Oh. Wait. Carrying those things in public is already illegal. Self defense, it seems, is only something that should be mounted on a den wall or in the museum. You know, like those icky testicles that males used to be allowed to have. Or do I mean p3ni$e$.