Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wind Tunnel

Just an observation about Obama. He talks so much about hope and unity. That's his whole appeal. His campaign is built on it. Then he's got this racist separatist of a preacher.

The problem isn't that Obama has a racist for a mentor. The problem is that, in 20 years, he was unable or unwilling to make a meaningful difference in that relationship. The preacher certainly was not influenced. Was Obama? Again, not really important. I don't care if Obama is a racist, in his heart. Only what he does matters. Or doesn't do. What he hasn't done is anything effective.

If he cannot bring about any sort of transformation in those with whom he has the most intimate contact, what rationale could we possible employ to suppose he could influence American society? Based on the small record of which we know, Obama has disqualified himself as the agent of the change he pretends to urge. It's all just pretty speeches. Did he make pretty speeches to Wright? Or just listen? In any case, his words had no effect. On what other basis can he claim authority?

Another blow hole politician. No thanks. At least McCain has done something in his life.



GUYK said...

Yep, I concur. I am no big fan of Big John..mostly because of his stance on illegal immigration. But John McCain is a fiscal conservative even if he is a bit of a social liberal. And he does appear to be the strongest choice on national defense..he has my vote

Jack H said...

Politics is about holding our noses.