Friday, April 11, 2008

Comment on the Flood

I get so few significant comments here, but I'm pleased to announce that an informed and sensible correspondent has presented himself to me, in his many objections to my take on the Flood of Noah. Please find then the post, his comment, and my lengthy response, here.

The lesson to take away from it is not how weird I am, or how hard it is to prove a case. The lesson is that we get stuck in our own way of seeing things, and it makes it hard to hear the other guy's point. I think I'm right, but my premise is so out of line with the mainstream that I generally just shut up about it. A thing like this is proven only with massive citations of evidence, and who wants to hear all that noise, about what sounds like conspiracy theory? I'm not a guy with a hammer. Not every problem is a nail.

But its nice to be pulled once in a while back into that world, where I was all studied up and had every argument and detail at my fingertips. And I can still hit the major points. Keep 'em coming, John. You're my new best friend.


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