Monday, July 21, 2008


Clarence Page has been keeping closer tabs on the matter than I. I was raised to loathe hypocrisy, and then I found that I had been around it all the while, so I don't claim to be entirely balanced on the issue. Thus, that the nigger jesse jackson has made a career of race-hustling and extorting corporations for funds so that he won't instigate false-indignation boycotts against them -- that's merely slimy and corrupt. Nothing exceptional there, among that subclass of politicos and false prophets that pushes self- interest over probity and honor. It's this nigger thing.

Page notes the nig. jackson's ongoing need for "apologizing" -- which term in this instance uses not the standard definition, of expressing contrition for acknowledged wrong-doing, but has recourse rather to the Greek, being a sort of "explanation", or, specifically, a self-serving jumble of words that says nothing while somehow creating the false impression that jackson, a nigger, is not, despite every appearance, scum.

Page is black, and is therefore, according to common custom, specially qualified to have opinions on matters of race, far beyond that allowed to people of non-color. This characterization is no reflection on Page himself -- it may not be his conceit. I couldn't help but be aghast, however, when the charlatan Al Sharpton was interviewed on this nigger matter on the Hannety or O'Reilly show, which ever. What in the world qualifies this skin-huckster to speak for anything other than a streetcorner three-card monty con? Well, he's a black man who has pushed himself forward by virtue of his loud voice and inability to feel shame. Point being, the media has no "nuts" -- jackson and his ilk having cut them off -- and therefore will play the female role in the perverted relationship that the Left has with minorities.

Page seems generally to be a sensible man, however, and not someone who has reached a level of prominence regardless of a lack of actual productive talent. It is therefore with respect, that I disagree with him. Specifically, Page says, "Ethnic etiquette has always given greater latitude to epithets expressed about one's own ethnic group, as long as they are expressed inside of one's own ethnic group. That's how people talk within one's family or ethnic group, especially when you regard your ethnic group as affectionately as you regard any other extension of your nuclear family."

Yes, I suppose etiquette has always done that. But there has always been slavery, too -- still is, in fact, in Africa and the Middle East. The institutional racism that is now both unlawful and extinct in the USA, however, in the past invited the us-against-them "brotherhood" that may have included such affectionate sobriquets as nigger. Now, though, if the word still has power to harm, it should not be used. If it doesn't, it is encouraged for all to use it, in its affectionate benevolence. In America, part of equality requires that there be no double-standards.

I take exceptional exception, however, to Page's assertion that "That's how people talk within one's family or ethnic group." What an extraordinary statement. Never in my life have I heard a racial slur used affectionately in my family. My brothers never once called me white boy or honky or cracker or any such element of the catalog of racist epithets. I have never been around white men or women who have called each other by such names. I've heard such terms applied by other races. I've heard such terms used against oneself, in racially mixed company. But the idea that such terms are normative in the broader American culture -- it is an extraordinary proposition.

Page goes on to say that racial slurs are especially welcome "when you regard your ethnic group as affectionately as you regard any other extension of your nuclear family." Alas, racism is not a negative thing only -- a hatred of some other group. It is also an exclusionary affection of one's own group. Hitler's aryans spring to mind. To love your "race" as you love your family simply because it is your race, well, it's just sick. We all know this, from our exposure to KKK racists on the Jerry Springer Show. Ah luv mah wat rice. I bear Page no ill-will for his unexamined and unconscious racism, accidentally revealed here. It is a not uncommon flaw. But a member of your "race", loved as "any other" "member" of your "extended family"? Page cannot see the obscenity, here.

The nigger jackson must be held to a higher standard, says Page, "because he has held us to one, too." Very true. "The Nigger of the 'Narcissus.'" "Nigger Heaven." "Ten Little Niggers." "Nigger in the Window." "The Student As Nigger." "That Nigger's Crazy." "You know you're a nigger if..." Literature and art are not incognizant of the word. Was that the nigger jackson's meaning? He is an artist? other than a con-artist? No. He is a nasty, slimy hypocrite, and when Page supposes some special love that ethnic groups in general, and blacks in particular have for their own group, he cannot have the nig. jackson in mind. The nig. jackson loves only himself. We know this by his corruption, venality, hypocrisy and vulgarity.


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