Friday, July 18, 2008


Tellin niggers how to behave. Tellin niggers how to behave. Niggers. Nigger nigger nigger. Nigger.

Quote: telling niggers how to behave; end quote.

"...talking down to black people ... telling niggers how to behave."

The reverend jesse jackson, renowned nigger community leader ... influential nigger and spokesman ... uh, a nigger of great prominence ... the reverend jesse jackson, protégé of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, slain nigger leader ...

Last week jackson was caught on tape saying he wanted to cut Barack Obama's nuts off. You know, castrate him, that time-honored punishment for uppity niggers. Obama, a nigger, has been talkin down to black people, y'see, telling niggers how to behave. Oh. Sorry. We didn't talk about that part, last week. It wasn't in the tape that was released. There were rumors, denied, and now confirmed. The rest of the story, or a part of the rest of it, is the quote listed and paraphrased and permutated and mined for its true meaning, above.

The commie faggot nigger lover website from which I take this story seems most outraged ... no, seems only outraged by the conduct and existence of Fox News.

I will not participate in the charade. Cunt is not a word reserved for the use solely of women, of themselves. It's not their word. Words that are used for rage and hatred and dehumanizing contempt are rendered harmless by neither the arrogance nor the ignorance of their users.

I'll just spell it out. jackson didn't call Obama a nigger. Not that we know of. He called black people niggers. What scum. Someone should tell that nigger how to behave.



nanc said...

just went and googled the "n" word and guess where it brought me?


Jack H said...

Do you think I over-did it? That's very cool though. I'm a blognomenon. A googlebrity.

Did you go away mad? Seems like there was some weird political huff with some dude who commented bizarrely, and took all his comments down, and his friends with him. I was desolated.