Monday, September 1, 2008

Female Trouble

Sarah's daughter Bristol is pregnant. Aged seventeen, unwed.

Let's stone her.

That's not Obama's take, apparently. He issued a statement, any campaign worker who makes this an issue will be fired. Right on. He's not as liberal as we feared. You know, stop at nothing, have no shame. My cynicism says it's just about striking a pose, but I am a great supporter of hypocrisy -- pretending to be good, publicly.

We know what the femroots and the attack dogs will do. Scratch, spit, and bark. It will take the form as sarcasm and gloating and charges of hypocricy. Hm. Let's see. Sarah does not abort her child, so she's a hypocrite. ... No, that one doesn't fly. She has a daughter who makes the same "mistake" as the mothers of 70% of all black children -- born out of wedlock. No, that's not quite as telling a point as the lefties might want. It must be that Sarah's Christian values were insufficient to protect her daughter from carelessness and poor judgment. Alas, Christianity does not save us from being teenagers. Just from Hell, when we actually do it right. Trust is the hardest thing of all.

If we take a slightly different perspective, we find in Sarah an everywoman. Will every great family trial befall her? An afflicted child, that she did not abort. An unwed pregnant teen, whom she will support. We cannot stop teens from making mistakes, however much we have loved and nurtured and guided them. But we can continue to love and nurture and guide them. A teen, in many ways, is as vulnerable as an unborn child. The dangers are not so much chromosomal or obstetric, but sex and drugs and ego are what popular culture is all about. Sarah is becoming a symbol of how to deal with them.

An increasingly wise choice, it seems.

On a lighter note, I just finished the final touches on my tattoo. It looks just like this one:

Pretty cool, huh? It's the bomb. Except mine is a dagger stabbing through a skull, and it's on my face. But otherwise it's the same.


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