Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So let's see. Sarah's husband Todd had a DUI in 1948 -- uh, '84. And her unwed 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant. And Sarah's under an ethics investigation up in the notoriously corrupt state of Alaska. Consequently, the attack dogs and bitches are enjoying an almost erotic Pavlovian salivary response, both tumescent and excretory with accusation. I'm seeing headlines like "Palin's small town secured big federal funds" and "Did McCain vet Palin?" and "McCain campaign on defensive after latest disclosures" and "The Heat Is On". Well, bitches like heat, am I wrong? Such morally flaccid jokesters as Jon Steward find it all very tickling to their prostates.

How stupid does one have to be, to think that Sarah did not disclose these issues? McCain will have known about Bristol's pregnancy. How can we be sure? By the response. The right, and the far right, seem to have no problem with it at all. Y'see, we get it. People are not robots. We succeed, we fail. We forgive. Especially when it is not we who have been harmed. How does a teenage girl's pregnancy affect us? Not in the slightest. We are past being scandalized by the realities of increasingly normative human behavior. I was recently reading some gay porn. Truly nauseating. This is not that.

Some of us understand that one of the greatest pleasures in life is to forgive. There will have been some disappointment, in the Palin household, over the conduct of this teenager. There will have been tears, shed privately. There will have been grace, and smiles, and tender expressions of love. This is what the bitter, the truly bitter souls on the distaff side of the political spectrum -- the red side, for all that they blue their states ... this is what they bare their fangs over. For shame. How low.

Todd's DUI, a quarter of a century ago, is unworthy of mention. And yet the MSM mentions it. All the goo that's fit to spit. I bet their teenage son masturbates. Can't wait for that headline.

As for the ethics issue, first we'll look at her character. She resigned in protest over corruption on an ethics board itself, that she could not make public otherwise. The fatcat had to resign, then. Pig. Am I allowed to hate corrupt scum? -- or only the corruption itself. The claim against Sarah is that she fired the public safety Commissioner, who didn't fire a cop who was abusing his wife, Sarah's sister. That's how I understand it. The sacked Commissioner has stated publicly that Sarah made no motion to influence him. People in her office, however, did make requests or apply pressure. So? Is there a pattern here? I think we'd have to examine the stated reason for the Commissioner's dismissal. It might be illuminating. But even creatures as hateful as Kos readers must agree that a mere charge, a single unsustained charge, is not as weighty a thing as they do hope.

In comparison to this, Obama spent decades before the pulpit of a racist demagogue, and worked, for years actually, in what must have been close contact with an unrepentant terrorist. He would see his own grandchildren killed, poisoned or torn limb from limb in the close supposed safety of the womb. In light of such comparison, Obama does not shine.

Here's the point. McCain chose her knowing about the ethics charge -- and given Sarah's manifest history of effective anti-corruption action, McCain will see it as a joke. He knew about the pregnancy, and perhaps thought it a brilliant way to distinguish between what Obama stands for and what we stand for. To Obama, an unplanned child is a mistake and a punishment. To us, it is a mistake, as it really will have been, and a blessing. This, combined with her own Down Syndrome infant who was granted life, makes Sarah a virtual Statue of Liberty for the pro-life camp. Bring us your unwanted, your reviled, your innocent condemned -- and we will care for them, take them for our own and love them with all our hearts. Every child is a child of God's, entrusted to us for a few brief years. We will be held accountable for how we treat them. We tremble for this, and grow more tender. They sneer, and dip their hands and lap their tongues in blood. We have our God, they have Moloch. We tremble now, they sear their consciences.

Truth does not always win. Virtue is sometimes punished. What is loathsome claims high honors. We must have patience, as well as determination. Obama, four months a Senator, started to campaign for the Presidency -- supposing, no doubt, that the world could not prosper without his unique attributes. Sarah has made decisions that deeply affect people she had to face in the grocery line. And having done so, she has an 80% approval rating. The people who hate her are venal plutocrats and their corrupt politico lapdogs. I know which side I'm on.

But I'm getting preachy and self-righteous. So?


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