Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Did weighted chin-ups last night. I've been working on a one-armed chin for years. Consistently eight pounds away. Haven't been very consistent, what with life getting in the way. But my son was right -- it's a different exercise than two arms with weight. So last night was sort of disappointing. I hate looking stronger than I am. Have to be realistic though. You're good at what you practice. I haven't been practicing this. But it's disappointing.

My son has moved into his own place. Forty miles away. I miss him. Haven't seen him since he left. Couple of weeks. I'm gonna have to start up jiu jitsu again, to see him on a regular basis. Get back into that. It's been three and a half months now. Took some time off for the knee, then time off to get some conditioning done -- a month and a half of that, now -- Crossfit -- although not all that intense. I'm nothing spectacular, but it's making a difference. Three times a week. Not enough. Gotta work out a schedule. Right now it's Mon, Tues, Thurs. I think I'll need to switch Mon CF for jiu jutsu, and also do it Wed. M W for jj, T Th for cf, then do some cf at home too. All this so I can see my son a couple times a week.

I'm doing some remodeling for some family members. Making a rental space. The economy has ruined their business, and they need the funds. Nasty times. It's done some real damage to me too. I live modestly, but it's time for some changes.

Politics? Social issues? These are distractions. We live our lives inside our heads, inside our bodies, and in the local physical area we occupy. Of course you don't really care about the minutiae of my days and life. You may care a little bit, but only in the way we care about the characters in some movie. They seem real. But they're not. With real people, separated by time or distance, we might empathize, but they are imaginary beings, in that we know them only in our minds. My deep concerns with fitness, say, and yours with sports teams or TV characters or some other interest -- they're just the specifics into which we pour our energies. Details ... different leaks from the common reservoir.

Life is such an imaginary thing. I wonder if there's some way to get out of our heads. But that would mean being like God.


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