Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Speech Should Be

Simple. Straightforward. Sincere. Some humor. "A small town mayor is sort of like a community organizer -- except that you have actual responsibilities." "...and when those styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to the studio lot..." Perfect.

But I get it now, that Obama worship. Well, it's not really worship, with me. But honest to heaven enthusiasm. I just smiled at that prolonged ovation. Here's what you listen for: in the crowd, just shouting. That tells you it's not real. Let's make noise for the media.

We don't know what the future holds. We don't put faith in people. We watch them, and thank them when they do well, and hold them accountable when they act wrongly. Maybe the cheering will die. It did for George Bush. It's not about cheering, or smiles, or feelings. It's about what actually happens. The only true gauge of the future is what has already occurred. Obama, running for president, has made no important laws, and missed many votes -- his only responsibility. Palin, running for vice-president, has had years of executive experience ... brilliantly successful experience.


The VP has only one responsibility, to preside over the Senate -- you know, where Obama comes from. The president is the one who needs executive experience. You know, like what Obama has none of. The Dem ticket is inverted. The old guy who's been in office for 36 years is the one who should head the ticket. The young inexperienced guy should be in the training position.

What in any of the Dem speeches last week can have any meaning whatsoever? -- compared to the power of the memory of a man peering through a pinhole in a cell door, as John McCain returned from being tortured but made sure, repeatedly, to flash a grin and thumbs-up to his comrade. I'm sure there have been candidates who have been grossly outmatched. I simply cannot conceive of a clearer example than Obama.

But Sarah. Absolutely. The right choice.

No, I was not disappointed at all, by her speech. I've never quite felt this way before. Could it be that I'm not gay after all?


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Jack H said...

I was kidding about that gay thing, you know. God don't make no mistakes.