Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Alive!

There are things other than murder that destroy the life of an individual. Rape. Drugs. The loss of a child. There are things that destroy the life of a democracy. Voter fraud. Official corruption. Indifference to justice.

Through a process that is statistically impossible, Al Franken seems to have taken a senate seat away from its winner. I say seems, because, hopefully, the idiot Republicans will finally get off their dimpled asses and fight for something worth fighting for, instead of trusting that civil institutions and an American commitment to fair play will somehow prevail. If there ever was such a day, when liberty could coast to its goal, that day is long past.

I haven't followed the details. No more than I would follow OJ's grotesque spectacle, or the hunt for some lost child's bones -- no more than I would read a detailed account on how to perform sexual perversions, or crimes against children. The Democrats ... the name hardly seems appropriate, and hasn't been since the days of Andrew Jackson ... the Democrats, I say, have honed their technique to the very finest of pricking points, and it is tipped with poison. They know how to cheat, and the stupid, stupid, stupid Republicans keep on turning to the umpire or the referee or whatever supposed guardian of process there should be, only to find that s/he is wearing a donkey lapel-pin. [expletive deleted] No. I don't need to follow the details. You can prove anything with statistics. If you cheat. You can also win any election, no matter the vote count ... if you're Al Franken, or if you subscribe to the political philosophy that lying and cheating and committing fraud is a lesser evil that leads to the greater good of abortionism, gay marriageism, taxism, political correctism, antisemitism....

Dylan Thomas once said, "I’ve just had eighteen straight whiskeys. I think that's the record." He said it once, because he died shortly afterward. These were his last words, in fact. We've just allowed very much political corruption to go unchecked in the United States. I think that's the order of the day.

On a friendlier note, I've been thinking about dressing up as a glamorous woman tonight. But I know I can't carry it off. My bones are just too damn big. What an artist the world loses in me.


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