Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What got me thinking about dressing up as an elegant woman? Well, it's always on my mind. But specifically, I found the Brit comedy Absolutely Fabulous on Youtube, and watched the first two seasons. The first episode is hardly watchable. Not funny at all, just a drug-addled centerless egotist, Eddie, staggering around mumbling and being selfish with her daughter. But there are some laugh-out-loud moments, in later episodes. I got the premise, I just don't like drug humor. But the Patsy character, the tall skinny blonde -- took her a couple of episodes, but she's perfect. I love her.

Odd, though, since I was married to the other one, Eddie. I'm almost serious. Same voice, very similar appearance. Not all the drugs, at least while I was married to her, but the same unthoughtful political views and hippy ethos. No sex though. Hm. Hm. Ah well, My point isn't to dredge up old memories, but to explain the drag reference. Not that I need to explain myself. I'm not being defensive. The joke was that Patsy is the friend of Eddie who is the mother of Sophie, the sane center of the show. Sophie writes a play, of verbatim scenes from her family life, and Patsy is performed by a raging drag queen. Patsy, in the audience, thinks this vile character is the epitome of elegance. "...she's fantastic!" It's pretty funny.

But mostly it's okay because of the name. It has abs in it, which is what I'm all about. I just can't get over myself. It's probably the best reason why I make a better man than I'd make a woman. From now on, I'm calling them abulouses. And I'm so tired of all these boxes people are always trying to put me in. I am too vast to be contained by your petty social constraints.

Also, "What an artist the world loses in me" were Nero's last words, as he is killed by his guards. Urgh. Why do I have to explain these things. Shall I cut up your potatoes for you? I'm sorry I ever named you Jack. Cuz Jack is a real man's name, and you're such a little nothing.


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