Thursday, March 19, 2009

Your COLON and YOU!!!

I hardly know how to begin. The subject is rather delicate. Sort of a private thing. Almost taboo. No, actually taboo. But that doesn't mean it should be ignored. As I say though, I hardly know how to begin. I certainly won't put up the usual Youtube field. No, you can copy and paste the links. That way it's entirely on you. I mean, showing a butt shot of some dude in a thong has its humorous potential -- oh that Jack H, he's so craaaaazy! But this could be actually nauseating.

So here's a colonoscopy vid, of various patients.

Some healthy, some pathological. It doesn't seem to be impacted fecal matter, "like spackle or paste" to quote a common radio commercial, but it's slimed on there in a manner and to a degree that is clearly desperately unhealthy. Diet diet diet, my foolish little ones.

The woman at 3:35 pretty much clinches the case: the colon is highly correlated to overall health. Did that incredible mess of a bowel cause her cancer? That would be overextending the evidence. But it's obvious that her colon is utterly toxic. The product ads for fibers and herbs and cleansers and hoses have a marketing agenda. The research seems not to have been done, regarding toxins absorbed to cause disease. But a sick colon is symptomatic of a sick diet, which is, frankly, the cause of virtually every lifestyle disease. It's shortsighted to address the symptom, be it either colon or cancer, without addressing the cause -- diet.

For my part, I must say my colon is a veritable garden of delights. That's an article of faith, but it must be so. Thirty years vegetarian, which is relevant because animal cells have a membrane, whereas plant cells have a wall. The membrane is just fat, and dissolves, providing no roughage, as my grandmother called it -- nothing for peristaltic motion to act effectively upon; the wall is cellulose, undigestible, and gives rocket power to all your elimination needs! It's the difference between scrubbing on the one hand, and on the other constantly slathering the lumen with fetid slime.

Something is indeed going on, with the large intestine. Take this guy for instance: just a little freaky, wanting to share what he shares, but illustrative.

A mass of algae-looking mucus in his toiletbowl after a six day fast. But, if it's true, we really should know about it, in a general sense. It's just the specifics that are sickening. So you just hurry out right now and buy some fiber, eh? Please? And drink water, like a lot.

As for worms, unless it's some sort of CGI effect, behold:

And not just in the intestines, large and small -- if it's not a fake, in the stomach as well:

Now, hospitality is a very fine thing. Good old fashioned values. And didn't St Francis teach us to be kind to animals? But as I see it this is going a bit too far past the extra mile. I'm a gentle guy, and one of the several reasons I'm vegetarian is that I don't like to kill. But, uh, KILL THEM!!!

Hard to believe that it's not some sort of fake. Or am I just cynical.

I do get faint around images of blood. And I'd get dry heaves when I had to clean up animal waste. Diapers weren't a big problem, but that's instinct overriding conditioning. These images don't distress me too much. I suppose my interest in overall health overrides the inhibitors. I certainly won't be watching these over and over and over, as with Ivan and the Frosties Kid. Theh gunna tighst grah-eat!

Upshot: John Wayne did not have 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter in his colon. Well, maybe he did, but we don't know about it. No autopsy. Lies lies lies. Elvis on the other hand did have a desperately sick colon: fully half of it was "jam-packed" with dried chalky feces. The drugs did that, and his bloat-making diet. So we know crud gets stuck, in a more than constipational way. There are autopsy colons of incredible size and weight. These are pathological, of course, and I'm sure turning on an internal firehose might have done some good, but so would surgery. Neither would be a cure, for a poisonous lifestyle. But the first would certainly be an easy way to buy some time -- like draining a boil. Doesn't really matter if a boil is poisoning the body -- it just needs to go.

As for those hideous colonoscopy vids, this is what I've suspected all along. It's not brittle, not dry, this fecal mucous or mucosal feces. But it is stuck. Like cheese, then. You are just chock-o-block full of cheese. And algae. And worms.

You disgust me.

Go for a run, will you? And don't even speak to me until you lose five pounds. No, ten.



Will C. said...

I ate my Cracklin Oat Bran today, I'll have you know...

Jack H said...

That's all it takes. Quick fixes and easy answers always work. But please, tell me more about your bowels...