Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Happens

One of the more unnecessary, not to say inane, studies we might read about: is it a good thing to swing your arms when you walk. Correct answer is that because we do, universally, it is obviously a good thing. We're made to do it -- it's not learned. Yet it's said to be "a practice that has long piqued scientific curiosity." Manifestly, not all curiosity is a sign of intelligence. Some, uh, experts confuse themselves even further by supposing that "arm-swinging, like our appendix, is an evolutionary relic from when we used to go about on all fours."

First, the appendix is not a relic. Look it up. Second, when I went about on all fours I was an infant. Third, Evolutionism is not my creation myth, so pardon me if I seem heretical. Answering the unnecessary question, however, it seems that in terms of oxygen consumption, arm swinging is 12% more efficient than arms folded, 25% better than swinging the arm and leg on one side at the same time, and 63% better than holding the arms rigidly at the side. Further, it facilitates forward rather than vertical movement.

Yep. That's right. Yes. And, uh, I just heard that Obama is blaming the recession on Republicans. This must be what is meant by being beyond politics, or the new way, or whatever the jargon was. What a coward. I think this would qualify as a lie -- not the specifics of the blame ... the blame itself. He sort of intimated that he was above that sort of thing. Liar, then. Okay, fine, it's the Republicans. Now what. Spend even more money? The Republicans spent too much, so now we should spend more? We have to, per Biden, spend more or we'll go bankrupt? Isn't that sort of like bailing water into a sinking boat? Which do you loath more, illogic or dishonesty?

Um, and what else. I realized a few days ago that I've never been in love. I loved my wife, but I never have felt that in love thing, like in books and movies and songs. I know what it is -- empathetic as I am. I have felt it in theory. Just not toward a person I'd actually have to deal with. Is that bad? Someone has a hormonal upset, therefore they should marry the cause of that disruption? Will the marriage last longer than the hormonal imbalance? I've thought a fair bit about love. I see it as a decision, backed up by stubbornness.

But I might as well face it. I'm just trying to distract myself. I'm depressed again. I know it must be chemical, like being in love, but it poisons my soul so deeply that sometimes I'm just afraid for myself, if I felt fear or anything other than hopelessness. If violence could cure it I would be violent. But violence should be used only in the cause of justice. What is my crime, that I should be punished? Who else deserves my violence, who will not be punished sufficiently by hell? Their unchecked and continuing crimes, undoubted, will have to count as karma. Meanwhile I explore futility in even greater depth. It will be gone again tomorrow for a while, this mood. Then back again, and so on. Like everything else. What is the point.

Stubbornness, I suppose. We just keep on, no matter what.

Someone tonight was talking about his plans on opening his own bjj academy. I cannot understand anyone sharing their plans. They're just inviting ridicule, failure and betrayal. Don't they know? The future only gets worse.


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