Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hi. My name is Dave. I bought forgoten progfits from Jack H for 28 Dollars. I think it is terific blog, and i hope to carry on in the fine tradition of jack H and the blog that he wrote. I knew jack h becaue i met him in the park where he runs and i watch and feet the birds,. And he was runing and we started talking and he mentined his blog and how noone would sent him a doller and so i bought it from him.

i have been reading forgoten profits and it is very good but sort of confusing too. I hope to continue writing it in the fine style that has been writen here as well.

Man don't you think that obama is bad? I can't stand him. he wasn't even american. he's a moslam who was born in a liberian fraiter ship and he froged his birth certificate

And the muslams should read the bible and stop being so bad and crazy.

And global warming is wrong. it's like a religion to the Left.

And I am so smart and goodlooking and strong.


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