Monday, October 5, 2009

Industrial Carbs

I do have a couple of unanswered questions. If chronically elevated insulin levels have an almost one to one correlation to excess body fat, how do we account for thin diabetics? You can look at someone and know the state of their pancreatic activity by the size of their gut. Insulin is a storage hormone -- the storage hormone -- and the more you make of it, the more you are storing. That’s why it’s an imbalance. So how can there be thin prediabetics. The answer must be that despite the imbalance, they’ve found some sort of homeostasis. Not a very good answer.

The other question I have is about the mechanism that allows starving people to digest all their muscle tissue, until they get to the heart, and die -- all the while retaining body fat. They can starve to death and still be obese. Emaciated and fat, at the same time. Clearly the adipose tissue is morbidly, fatally dysfunctional. Obviously it has to do with pathologically raised insulin, that stands guard, as it were, outside a fat cell and forces free fatty acids back into the cell rather than allow them into the bloodstream. But how is it possible?

The problem boils down to carbs. I don’t care for that word, at all, carbs. Food is carbs. Carbohydrates are the ultimate source of all nutrients. Yeah yeah, sun and soil, but no, for us, plants. But common usage has determined that carbs should refer to refined carbs, sugars and starches. And these are, indeed, the problem. A potato isn’t the problem. But potato chips and pasta and flour and white rice and grain flakes disguised as breakfast and coated with sucrose and fructose and syrup -- well, it’s a bit much. All of it comes from the factory. That’s the problem. Glucose shouldn’t be industrial strength.

Did I ever mention how low my cholesterol is? It's more a function of carb metabolism than of fat intake. Same with triglycerides. There are tests that directly measure insulin levels. A HOMA test. Sounds almost perfect for you. All gay and crap. An hsCRP test, for inflammation. Yeah, flaming, like you. A real flamer, get it? An HbA1c test, which also is really gay like you somehow. I should take these tests, and I would score really well, like I do with the chicks, which I dig so much, unlike you.

Okay, I'm a little hostile right now. I don't quite remember why, but I know it has something to do with you and how badly you treat me. I keep giving and giving, and you just take. If I grow cold for a time, it's understandable, and I always come back, but you never change. I'm worth more than that.

Even I am surprised at how private I am. My anonymity was slightly disrupted recently, and it generated a very strange emotion. It's something I have to get over, but it's very odd. But I don't seem to be using FP in the same way I formerly have. Hope you don't miss me.


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