Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fairly Random

I love easily, but reluctantly. An odd mix of caution and compassion. Love is like sex -- necessary, desirable, but very expensive. Ah well. There's no mourning the human condition. We cannot escape our nature. My love is not passionate. It's calm. I've counted the cost, and resigned myself to it. Might as well. It's inescapable.

I just wanted to say that.

Anything else? Obama will be giving another speech. Wonder who he'll blame. Hmm. Sort of undignified, how constant it is. Sort of adolescent. Guess he wasn't paying attention, as a candidate. It's like circumstances caught him by surprised, and unprepared. Ironic, since the economic downturn is the only reason he got elected. Chosen to do the one job he couldn't get done. If only it were just about giving pep talks. School Councilor-in-Chief. Got a prob? Let's talk about it. He must have been the coolest prof ever. Just rapping. That's what being a professional is all about -- professing.

Wouldn't it be great if he'd take responsibility?

Put together a streamlined strength program that I seem to be pleased about. I need the structure. The CF stuff I do is very effective, but it's been too much metabolic conditioning, and sort of random. This is a good balance. And a further piece of the puzzle, skills practice. Instead of warm-ups. Which are a waste of time. Use the time and effort to get better at something. The heat will come no matter what. It is not, after all, about burning calories. What a wasteful and foolish idea. Eat less, if you have too many calories. Or rather, eat more, of what's good. Use energy to get actual work done, that's worthwhile.

So it's three sets of three heavy deadlifts, then chins (or rows) then presses; and then three sets of 8 not as heavy squats, dips (or benchpress), and highpulls. Two minute rest between each set. So, three deadlifts, two min rest, three more, rest, three more -- then move on to chins, however long the transition takes, and so on. A few days later, switch the threes with the eights. Increase weight on a regular basis. Don't go to failure. Strict form, full range, and if it's too hard, or you need rest, or need to cheat it up, repeat the weight into the next cycle, until it's under control.

As for skills, practice what you're bad at. When it gets easier, do it still, but since you're faster, add something else that you're bad at. It's not about the weight, it's about the movement. Training the central nervous system, not the cells. It's not about protein, it's about synapses. It's my son's idea. Pretty good.

You know, I've taught you so much, by now you should be gorgeous, like me. You've been taking my advice, right? Of course you have. Send me some pics. Full frontal is not necessary. Something tasteful. I just don't want to get blamed, if it ends up on the internet. Might get hacked or something. It could happen.

So, uh, that's it then. Just sharing. I'm very generous, did I say? The world doesn't deserve me

I check my junk mail. It's always full of Asian characters. 輸人不輸陣.超棒的專業菏輯 I'm evidentially on Taiwanese mailing lists. Fifteen, twenty every day. Chinese viagra. Seems overly familiar.


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