Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Needs to Be Said

I've taken a couple of months off from bjj, for a few reasons. I'd be pretty much ready to get back to it now, except I got that nasty gash on my shin, healing, but a scar now, and still scabby. What an ugly word. The word is uglier than the wound. In any case, if I roll before it's healed, it will tear off and take forever to go away. So I have to wait a bit longer.

I should turn my mind to it, though, bjj. The details fade, and I'm not a natural talent at it. I have my few little tricks, and don't grow beyond them. Tiresome trait. I don't review even when I'm training though. I must not be serious. Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution. Okay, for 2011, I'll do it! Only 11 months to go!

Then I was thinking about hugs. There are the social hugs that aren't really meant to mean anything. Then there's the buddy hug, and then the real hug, the love hug. That's the only one that I'm good at, or used to be. But it's too much, I suppose, for social situations. My quiver is empty, then. Pity, because there are people I love, and it just seems that neither word nor action is appropriate to convey the fact. All that's left is time. Over time, loyalty must come to be recognized for what it really is. Love. Like the meaning of the word, prove. It means to test something. The exception that proves the rule. Not an illogical maxim -- just misunderstood. Language has left the meaning behind.

I read someone's teeshirt a while ago. Rephrased succinctly, invincible ignorance happens when contempt precedes investigation. I haven't decided yet if inspection would be a better word than investigation. Discuss among yourselves. But it seems true. Contempt is an overpowering word. It overpowers wisdom. Maybe it can't even be smothered, by hugs. Is love conquers all a phrase from the Bible? Can't be. It's wrong. Love doesn't conquer all. Does it?

My son did a sort of fitness competition yesterday, CrossFit, if you know what that is.
Three different workouts:

(no, that's not my son), and if all three were completed with a sufficiently high score, today would be the finals. He was the only one, out of hundreds who competed, who made the times. So they cancelled the finals. Guess he won. Another dude actually made better times on each of the three, but he was disqualified because his form was bad -- overhead squats were too shallow. Makes a huge huge difference, if you cheat it. I can squat 600 pounds, or could, going shallow. I can't do 200 ... yet ... going deep. Point is, anyone can finish with a stellar time, if there is no standard. Isn't my son wonderful? You should compliment me more about him. And you should praise me much more for having been such a fantastic father. I'm fantastic.

There, I think that's what needed to be said.


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