Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Brief Treatise on the Meaning of Words and Other Topics

Hey. Socialist morons. I already have healthcare. It's called "caring for my health". You know, lifestyle. Maybe the Left only recognizes the word with its mandatory prefix, "alternative"? What I mean is diet and exercise.

What the Left is gay for is sicknessmedicationandsurgery. I'm sure some people, most even, need that, because they didn't do that healthcare thing, about being excellent and prudent and preventative and responsible. All their braggadocio about loving steak and beer and sugar and cigs and sodomy may have been true -- they just loved it to death. They should be forced to have government sicknessmedicationandsurgery coverage. After all, convicts and prisoners always have their health controlled by the government. It's a civil right -- one of the few that remain to them.

I seem to have heard something about liberty being important, and despite the unbelievably vile Pelosi creature puking the lie that 'now we have the liberty of healthcare' -- may hell come to her and all traitors instantly -- liberty must always include the idea of choice. How is it that the Left loves only the choice of baby-killing? Everything else is dictated. Where's the Black Death when you need it.

"Choice", "alternative" -- words should have meaning. They should mean what they mean. I don't understand how they do it, steal words and corrupt the meanings. They're like vampires, or child molesters. It cannot be a mere coincidence that Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi is an anagram of Scary dead anal politician person. Yes. It definitely means what it means. It's almost Bible Code in its prophetic inerrancy.

"Liberty". It's a word properly used as a prefix to "bell". And it also acts as an adjective modifying the word "Statue". Isn't there a half-dollar or maybe a dollar coin? There was a movie character that had it as a first name. As for what it means now, well, it's like feck, or ruth, or effable, or other lost words remembered only as syllables and phoneme strings. That's what America is. Effable. We just got effed. Thanks for that, Pelosi. It felt great. A little dry maybe. Next time have Obama grease us up a bit more. He's got oil to spare.

No, wait. I do understand how they do it. Stupid cowardly weak people let them. In this instance, Americans. But people all over the world and in every era. It's the reason there will never be a Workers' Paradise, the way we were promised with unspoken assurance by The One and all his Number Twos.

Hope and Change. We got the latter at the cost of the former. Happy now, stupid?


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