Monday, March 22, 2010

Go North Young Man

Obama staked everything on his medcare takeover, and he won. Catastrophe? We've lost wars before, and continue. Something is dying, surely, but nations die slowly. There is after all still a Germany and a Japan. I'd bet that among nations only Israel could ever die, were God and the USA to allow it. So that America has lost this war, becoming that much more answerable to government control -- well, so what. Life is an endless series of compromises. Usually such compromises don't have to count actually as defeats. This time, yes, Americanism is defeated. Ah well, let's be philosophical.

There. I'm done being philosophical. How did this happen? Stupid Republicans, of course. Democrats will always be wrong -- it's the party of Slavery, after all. All of a sudden I'm for Reparations. The Dems should pay it, of course. So, uh, the blacks have to pay themselves -- 95% of them do. That's odd. As for the stupid Republicans, it is a grotesque failure of leadership.

Leadership has a job. It is to make things run smoothly, foreseeing catastrophe and steering clear of it. Well? Obama will have made every slimy deal, certainly being as corrupt as politicians can be without technically being indictable. I'm being polite. The spirit of American government is certainly dead, under this administration. But Obama did his job, which is to WIN. His as he sees it. And stupid stupid stupid Americans elected him, and stupid stupid stupid Republicans were too feckless to rally their cause and act effectively. So the war is lost.

Dennis Prager last week said this will be the start of the Second Civil War. Not violent, he hopes, and of course not. The right is too polite for that. And too stupid to play hard-enough ball. But all this is catastrophizing. Before we have a CWII we need a Second War of Independence. This is, after all, about tyranny.

What's that you say? This isn't about taxation without representation? We have taxation with representation? -- so it's all fair? I won't argue the point. It would just be arguing, and things are a bit too grim to be arguing about words. And I've had it with rhetoric -- that's why we're in this mess ... the Class President of the United States is so danged eloquatious that he just convinced 20% or so of Americans to socialize medicine. That's a majority, ain't it? -- when you control the Lawyer and the Bureaucrative Branches of government?

It's about solutions. We've got a newly-created problem, a gravity slide to Sovietism. How do we dig ourselves out of the mess? Well, it has to be a political shovel, the courts of course counting as political. But it will be leadership. The stupid Republicans are stupid because they choose stupid feckless ineffective leaders. Want proof? Consult the current reality. It's not about talking tough, or sounding confident, or being desperate. It's about winning. That's what they're hired for. They didn't do their job. I don't care about their sincerity or their dedication or their integrity. I care about what they do. They can be insincere and wavering and corrupt, as long as they ACT as if they were none of these things, and also get good results. Which they did not.

No excuses. They failed. On the single greatest domestic danger of our times, a 20%, yes, count 'em, TWENTY PERCENT intrusion of government into my Billfold of Rights. It's really some sort of logarithmic function, where twenty equals all, somehow ... my understanding is rudimentary, but I'm sure it's a gigantic proportion. In any case, the failure equals disqualification. DNF. DQ. KO. You're out.
I won't be listening to the radio or doing any current events reading for a while. Sitting shiva. Then we'll get over it, because it's a done deal and what's to be done about a done deal. Abortion is next. Healthcare, you see, is all about death. I hope you'll take it in the spirit it is meant, when I say God damn America. Just talking about reality. Land of cowards and weaklings. I'm moving to Canada. Oh. Why bother. It just came to us.


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