Saturday, March 27, 2010


Constitutional? Unconstitutional? There's a difference of course. The first word doesn't have the un- prefix. As any informed citizen will know, grammar is no longer the capstone of the rhetorical arts.

It is Unconstitutional to force or require a citizen to buy a product, in this case, health insurance. If the government requires healthcare coverage, it must provide it, paid out of taxes from the general fund. It seems that a new obligation, a new subservience has been invented. Like the draft, only conscription is Constitutional, being provided for in the actual document of the Constitution, under the clause empowering Congress to "raise and support Armies."

There are privileges, of course, that the government is empowered to license. Driving, for example, or doing business within some given city limits. But I don't have to drive. I don't have to do business within a certain city. I do have to have health. The government has now taken upon itself to require that I get a health licence? I demur.

Well. This is so obvious that it seems inevitable that at least this most salient component of the socialist med takeover will be challenged and eventually overturned. So that's good. I prefer Revolutions to be nonviolent. And Counterrevolutions.
I have no personal, or rather intimate contact with the medical establishment. I hardly ever even get touched. I'm planning on being cremated. But now -- well, it's not Uncle Sam, who is benevolent -- but some entity, walking dead, cadaverous wretch, wizened gnome, harping harridan, hollow man, mannequin, posing posturing empty suit, some manipulating conscienceless antichrist is interfering with my conscience.

I don't object to taxes paying for wars. I do object to them paying for abortion. And I do object to being forced into a union, a sickness cooperative of drugs and surgery. Of course it's emotional. All principle is emotional. More than that, but that. So? My motives are my own. As a man, as an American, as a citizen of this most blessed nation, it is my right.

Men die, and kill, for what they believe in. That a few fools have hurled stones through Leftist windows is nothing. We know of it only because the whore media reports on it, whereas the whore media does not report on stones through conservative windows. We expect as much, from whores. But the image of tall poppies cut down to average size -- of Procrustean beds mass produced for every American -- of Room 101, innermost sanctum and holiest of holies to Big Brother, where we are required to think lawfully, as dictated by our would-be masters ... well, I find that the metaphors themselves are enough, and I need not finish the sentence. No free man will be made a slave, nor own one. The would-be Leftist overclass would take away the right to bear arms. All this means is that self defense will be conducted with knives.

Maybe I'm wrong though. Conquest is a rare thing. Subservience is usually incremental, and electoral, and judicial. Compromise? Cowardice? There's a difference of course. They differ in the meaning that subjective interpretation gives them. Perception is everything. And here I am, a fool, all worked up if I am over paperwork and accounting practices. Talk about a drama queen. I should be a Democrat.


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bob k. mando said...

The would-be Leftist overclass would take away the right to bear arms. All this means is that self defense will be conducted with knives.

i've heard that England is considering banning knives ... because of their rising occurrence in the commission of crimes. *sigh*

anyways, you promised to start video blogging. where's ma video blogs, ya dang indian giver?