Monday, April 19, 2010

Fire and Ice

What you are somply not spart enough to understand is that Eyjafallajökull will save The Planet from Global Warming. The Icelandic ice volcano? All that atmospheric ash blocks out sunlight, which is another way of saying sunheat. QED. Mork my wards. Plus the added additional side benefit bonus of grounding many carbon-emitting jetplanes, not unlike those which slammed themselves into the Twin Towers (an increasingly obscure and nearly-forgotten pair of skyscrapers in a large Western city -- apparently they were unsightly, and The Moslems undertook it upon themselves to redecorate The Skyline). Once again, Jehovah the Volcano God intervenes in human affairs to save The Planet, like when he Flooded The Planet that one time, or stopped The Sun in The Sky so some Amalekites or whatever could be killed.

So, why worry.

My computer froze up, speaking of ice. The cursor arrow was stuck in the middle of the screen. For like three days. I hardly care anymore.

I've been thinking about trust. I've decided you can't be trusted. Not actually a decision, any more than breathing is a decision. Yes and no. Look at what I do for you. Look at what you do for me. I see a disparity that amounts to something deliberate. But I'm not your selfless servant any more than I will remain your victim. This relationship is abusive. Your indifference has grown to be intolerable. And since words have meaning, what is intolerable cannot be tolerated.

I think I'll be starting up bjj for a month, next week. Five months off. I've forgotten it, again. The shin gash is healed -- thin skin, hairless now, crepey like a burn, but it shouldn't tear open. May be tough to find the time, but my schedule will be tightening up and I've got to get some mat time in while I can. R of the Pointed Knee will trash me. Ah well. I learn from failure.

You should too. Your unrelenting indifference to my excellence has discouraged me.



bob k. mando said...

i notice that some of your posts seem to vacillate between extreme arrogance and depression / lack of worth.

are you intentionally parodying the bipolar or borderline conditions?

Jack H said...

Parody, but not of bipolar.

And not all parody.