Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Angry Black Man

It's actually frightening. Hope he doesn't rape me. But it looks like just more nagging. And anyway, he's yelling at the gays. He can go ahead and rape them.

President Obama faces hecklers at California fundraiser (AP)
But Lileks just pointed out, very smart, that a few years ago "decent" was "the highest form of patriotism." "Question authority." And now? Shoe's in the other mouth.

Man, these tired tropes from my youth. Hippies invented them -- or their gurus did, their Pipers -- and now these dull-witted slogans are repeated like Bible verses. Asses. Question illegitimate authority. Question unrestrained authority, malevolent authority. As for patriotism, I expect that military service is its highest expression. The hippies would of course counter that burning flags and draft cards takes pride of place.

And now their children are in charge. Dare I say, literally? And really, its not the schoolyard bullies, not the nerds. The drama geeks? Something cliquey like that. Like a secret club, of, yes, some really smart kids, but broken, like they were molested until they think it's good. So they'll figure out sneaky ways they can do it to other kids. Secret, lying in wait, and maybe leaving no witnesses. Like what they're doing to America.

Fundamental change. Look up the word "radical", and that's the goal. So when what's his name, the President of Vice, uh, B, starts with a B ... Biden, says they've achieved a fundamental change in healthcare, well, like Judas, he himself has said. it. Confucius spoke of the Rectifying of Names -- truth starts by calling a thing by what it is. So, let's call it rape, what they're doing.

I mean Obama.


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