Saturday, April 24, 2010


Went to bed early but didn't sleep AT ALL. Somehow, this is your fault.

I think I may have decided to write another book. Nutrition. And maybe another one, on exercise, depending on just exactly how voluminous they get. Lord knows I have enough source material. So there's that. Should take a year. Maybe half a year. Three months. I wrote a book in a month, once. Had all the research done already, though, and that doesn't count revisions.

I think I'll approach it from a protein fat carb perspective. Deal with the Atkins thing, the vegetarian thing. The Fat Fallacy. It's very complicated, in terms of the evidence. The reality is pretty simple. Eat food. Industrial carbs are not food. Factory meat is not food. Trans fats are not food. What gets tricky is how much, of even good food, proportionally. That Zone thing. And the Protein Power slash Paleolithic Diet people. Eat lots and lots and lots of that really good-for-you meat. Approach it from a health v performance angle. There are trade-offs. But the whole field is so cluttered with emotion. One of my mottoes, Be sensible. Another is, Be rational.

We'll see. It's a major undertaking, even if I've been involved in it for over thirty years now. Does the world need another long and practically perfect book that no one reads by internet genius Jack H?

Someone asked me when I'd start my next family. Cuz I was such a fantastic father. I said I needed a wife for that. Then I decided that all I really wanted was a housekeeper, babysitter and sex partner. You know, so it's all about me. It would be hard to stop being so self-involved, after all these years. I do need a lot of alone-time. Women don't like that. But, if you know any, women I mean, feel free to, like, talk about me. I'm really very impressive. And I'm loyal. And as far as I can tell, I've outgrown the youthful need to dominate. Maybe I'm thinking of my father. Was it me who loved to use and invalidate women? I can't remember. I think it wasn't. No matter. It's all theory anyway. No one will ever love me again.

I should be starting bjj next week. For just a month. Mornings, I think, mostly. I train up to six times a week nowadays, 3 met con, 2 strength, one hard run. The strength workouts are more like once a week, due to time and energy restraints. I just don't think I'll be able to do strength and bjj, with the rest of it. Certainly not for more than a month. Sad to say, age is catching up to me. Not so anyone would notice it, but I do.

You see it in volume of work that can be maintained, and in recovery time. I look good. Don't know if I'm gaining weight, muscle, but I'm sore from a workout. I think my fabulous abs, my fabs, are getting even more dramatic. Hardly seems possible. Point is -- aside from how beautiful I am -- well, I think that was the point. Maybe it's that I don't really want to gain weight or look better. Yes, that's it. I just want to be better. So met con, and strength training, and interval runs -- 9 (1/5 miles) at 12.8 mph last night, with a 0.1 walk between at 3.3 mph. Next time 10 @ 13 mph. I am amazing. And bjj. Seems like too much, even for a superman like me. And I'm so smart too.

And handsome.

La dee da. Ho hum.


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